Thursday, 12 April 2012

Chocolate (and fire!)

So, first of all, what's with the Noblegarding hating? I mean, other than Himself who hates all festivals on principle because fun might be involved he feels that they're not a good fit with the lore, who hates guilt-free, zero-calorie chocolate?  I've read a lot about the geek-rage and egg camping, and I haven't seen it.  I do my egg collecting every year in Azure Watch/Falconwing Square and there isn't much in the way of rage to be had. Maybe it's an RP server thing?  Maybe non-RP servers are different?  Maybe Moonglade is just really chillaxed.  I mean, I get that 500 eggs is a lot for a mount.  And that you get bags full of stuff en route to getting the birdie.  But all my Spring Rabbit's Feet are in the bank because I'm damned if I'm selling 'em for four gold when in a few weeks (months?) they'll be worth a lot more.  Ditto the dresses. And yeah, there are people who camp eggs *yawns* but then, I didn't feel the need to get the mount on the day Noblegarden started.  It goes on for a week.  I had plenty of time, but in actual fact I got it on the second day.  And collecting eggs makes me happy.  There, I said it. It's like gathering, or fishing.  It's peaceful, relaxing, brain-on-standby time.  And it zens me out.

Worth it for the mount!
And speaking of zen, I finally got zen about my RP.  I've spent so long trying to force myself to get under the skin of charcaters that I just wasn't feeling it with that I gave up and made a gnome.  I haven't really seen any of the Cata stuff from an Alliance perspective, and, y'know.  There *is* only one Alliance race after all... And, whaddya know?  As soon as I made Pilfi, I knew just what she was:

Not a warlock... a scientist! 
She's a scientist, okay.  Specifically, she's interested in the flammability of Azerothian creatures, and like any scientist worth her salt, she believes in rigorous testing.  We all know that the bigger the sample, the more reliable the results, right?  So she takes her research very seriously.
And sometimes is cunningly disguised as... shrubbery!
However, it turns out that whilst most creatures are flammable.  Some aren't.  Babies, in particular appear to be made of flame retardent stuffs...
Some baby murlocs are made of (a)sbestos!

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  1. XD Glad you're starting to get your groove back! Pilfi is a hoot!