Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Is this thing on?

Waah! I'm so behind on my Reader (combination of moving house and philosophy being a tad taxing) I don't even know what's happening in Azeroth anymore.  I gather lots of people have killed a big cat?  And that we can make pretty gear even prettier now?  By using dragons...? Or did I get that the wrong way round?  I also gather that the current excitement surrounds what female Pandaren will look like.  I'm hoping a bit like me... By which I mean (look away now, legions of readers who think I actually do look sylph-like (and Pilf-like) IRL!) round and wobbly, not white-faced and black-eyed (those were my bygone days of goth-ness.)

Anyway, I've been pottering round in Rift, being utterly anti-social (no change there) for  a few months and I haven't had the Azeroth itch at all.  Seriously, I haven't.  But then the Scroll of Resurrection thing started and Himself stopped playing Star Wars and logged into his troll, not *that* troll (sniffle) but another one, then onto his stabby-stabby, sneaky-sneaky goblin rogue and I thought, "Hmmm...Maybe I have been away long enough."  The long and the short of it is that he's allegedly sent me a Scroll of Resurrection (though it hasn't arrived yet - is this something I should worry about?) and I thought I might meander back and see how I feel.

Part of it is that I need more excuses not to read any more Descartes ever want to do something that doesn't tax my brain in between studying and sorting out the house (did I mention that we now have a house!  That's ours!  Well, the bank owns a bit of it, but we own most of it - huzzah!) and my go-to relaxation has been Azeroth for so long.  For some reason I like Telara, but it doesn't have quite the same, "Annnnnnd relax!" effect on me that Azeroth has.  Also, I miss writing.  Oh, I have my personal blog, which gets a bit of love every now and again, but I really miss my ramblings about WoW and I miss my RP writing a LOT.  I know that I should just be able to be creative and... write, but I need that spark, that zip of inspiration that I got from my character's lives in-game.  So I need a new Pilf, as it were.  A new lass that gets my imagination going.  Now all I need is a concept...

I was also saddened to read Adam's post about the 'golden age of WoW blogging' finishing.  Much as I want to disagree with it, I'm not sure that I can.  I know that a lot of the blogs on my Reader aren't updated anymore, (*ahem* pots and kettles...) and even though I do my damnedest to hunt down 'new' blogs, I don't have the same history or connections with newer (to me) bloggers than I did with the old-school ones.  Maybe I should make more of an effort - maybe I should hurl myself back into the game and the blogosphere with renewed enthusiasm and make fresh links and just... get back to making the effort.   So what's on with you folks?  Or should I just go and read your blogs?  *giggles*  


  1. I noticed that a lot of times the actual SoR e-mail takes absolutely ages to get through. What I did was logon to my and check my account. Under Referrals and Rewards, find SoR, click on Received Invitations. Most of the time the scroll has existed there long before the mail seemed to go through.

    I've noticed that there's less writing going on as well on the WoW blogs, but I doubt it's because WoW blogging is dying. I know for me it's just a general lack of energy lately, and the fact that we're in the "end of the expansion lull". There's really not all that much to write about. I doubt people are interested in knowing that my alt number fifty-eleven decided to pick up Jewelcrafting and did all of 1.75 levels last night. ;)

    I expect that writing will pick up as the new Beta comes out, as well as the new expansion eventually. Or at least I hope so :)

    Good to see you back. Look forward to some more RP writing if you find your muse again. I have a blood elf army on Shadowsong if you get lonely *lol* (I started making alts on my alt-Paladin's horde server.. the intention was one of ever race, but so far they're all blood elves.. oops?)

  2. Ah-hah! Thank you, I found it! I'm now lol'ing because I hadn't realised that I can zoom a character to 80. Or make a new one and zoom them there (it isn't me, that's insane - amirite?) So now I have the horrendous situation where I have a pick/create a character to just... appear at level 80. Oh wait, that's not level cap now is it? *face palm* That said, I can still just jump onto one... Now I have to go away and ponder, oh and wait for some system reconfig too it seems...

  3. First of all welcome back!

    I don't believe WoW blogging has passed its golden age, I think Adam needs to go scouting some more.

    The themes I see around a lot these days are memes, transmogrification and some very substantial discussions about "slut plate" and harrassment incl in game stalking - I'm thinking of Apple Cider Mage here (, which I think qualifies as a "Golden Age" blog, so to speak.

    I don't know, we all traverse different blogs that cover different interests and the hubs I'm following are doing great :)

  4. Thanks Ironyca :)

    I take your point re the hubs - I have been following (kinda) the 'slut plate' discussions. I'm never 100% sure whether I'm pro or agin gender politics in the gaming sphere, which makes me a bad feminist, I guess. On the one hand, I can see (and agree with) the view that inequality and harassment should be addressed wherever and whenever it appears, which makes online communities just as liable for civilised behaviour as any where off line... But on the other hand, I kinda view games as relaxation, a place where I don't want to have to be dealing with big issues. Does that make sense? It's why I've kept out of that debate.

    I read, with horror, as I'm sure most people did, Apple Cider Mage's post about the stalking and harassment and she has been added to my Reader!

    I think you're right about branching out in terms of content, the 'mogging stuff I've seen has been very interesting (and enviable) and I'm usually on-board for a meme! I guess what I should do is go through my Reader properly (!) and my blog list and put some effort into updating it!

  5. PIIIILLLF!!!!1!

    I hope that the Scroll of Resurrection reignites your WoW muse and gives you lots of inspiration for things to write about.

    Congrats on getting a house, too! That's awesome :D

  6. Kaaaaaaam! Hulloes! And *hugs* ofc.

    I'm enjoying bimbling around on my druid enough to have subscribed for 3 months. By which time I'll have come to the end of this springs study so I might have more time, but then again, it'll be summer then so who knows :D

    I have a baby warlock that I'm sort of planning to RP with a little, but I need to see if I can remember how to write in character... I'm not sure if my RP writings will go here or on so maybe watch both :)

  7. Oh dear, I need to post a new post. Trouble is, I'm having far too much fun with my frosty DK, and have discovered that I'm actually a better melee dpser than I ever was a healer!