Monday, 26 March 2012

My thoughts on pet battles

In Silvermoon City…

Announcer: Please welcome into the ring Trixabelle Felicious Precious Dahling IV, who will be competing against… Smudge? Do we have a non-pedigree entrant? How very… extraordinary.

Owner 1: [slightly hysterically] My Dahling is in the ring with a moggy? An unregistered animal? My Dahling is a purebred mana-Siamese! And she’s pitted against this… this… thing?!

Owner 2: It’s not always about pedigree…

Owner 1: [Lowers sunglasses a fraction] Clearly, in your case it isn’t.

Meanwhile in the ring…
TFPD IV: Does your owner even know what a brush is?

S: [hisses]

TFPD IV: I was washed, carefully, with sprite darter essence. See how my glossy my fur is? That’s a thousand strokes per side, with a brush made from the hairs of Loque’nahak himself. See how my pink nose glistens? That’s because I’m fed on a diet of minced shoveltusk steak. From the looks of you, you eat whatever’s lying around on the floor.

S: [hisses again]

TFPD IV: Can you not speak? Am I expected to converse with something that is only capable of making bestial noises?

S: [arches back and flattens ears] This is a fight, buster, not a grooming competition.

TFPD IV: This is Silvermoon City, dearheart. I suggest if you want to have anything approaching physical contact you get your owner to drag you to the Orc city, post haste. This really isn’t the place for you.

Announcer: And is looks like Trixabelle Felicious Precious Dahling IV is retiring… She’s returning to her owner, and from the tones of those yowls, I’d say she’s protesting about her opponent too. Frankly, who can blame her…

In Orgrimmar…
Announcer: Right, got yer bets placed? In the ring then, ginger vs. tabby. Ready, go!

[fur flies madly for a few seconds]

Announcer: Another draw then? Vets to the ring please. Owners... OWNERS! Were you not asked to leave your axes with the steward…?

In Thunder Bluff…


Announcer: Looks like today’s events will be postponed again, until we can come to some agreement with those fine folks from DEHTA  Sorry folks…

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

WTB a clue!

I have a new level 80 druid, thanks to the Scroll of Resurrection.  I had a bit of a dither about what to choose; as I was going to have a high level character 'given' to me, I felt like I should put  a bit of thought into it, but in the end bat-troll won because... well.  Trolls.  And druids.  And swift flight form, as a bat.  And win.  You get the picture?

I've said a few times on this blog, that I'm all for people being able to purchase max level characters -  it'll un-break the leveling game for those who love leveling, and it will allow the people who just want end game now to have their end game and be done with it. I'm now recanting that a little.  I have No Idea how to play a druid.  I'm a boomkin - it isn't *that* hard, but seriously, I don't have the remotest notion.  The nearest I've got to a 'high' level druid is one in the 50s.  All of a sudden, having one at 80 means that I've got all these spells and abilities out of nowhere and I haven't got a clue when to use it.  I was messing around in Scholomance trying to get the aurora robe to drop, so I could sent it to my baby warlock-with-identity-issues, when I had a panic.  I'd been storming round in panzerkin form, insect swarming and moonfiring all the mobs and all of a sudden my moonfire spell had vanished off my tool bar.  Where the hell was it?  I know that I'm quite capable of jostling spells off my tool bar (yes, I know I can lock it...) so I went to my spell book.  No moonfire.  At this point, I would ask you to imagine me looking puzzled and scratching my head in a bemused fashion a la Laurel (or Hardy?  I can never remember which is which.)

I had  a bit of a cuss and squinted at my tool bar again.  Hang on, there was a spell I didn't recognise.  What the hell is that orangey coloured thing?  It's where moonfire used to be. Oh... wait.  That's the solar equivalent of moonfire?  Moonfire has a solar equivalent now?  Riiiiiiight.  See what I mean?  Clueless!  But that's ok, because I'm not max level, nor am I hitting 5-mans or raids.  But if I was max level?  And I was impatient and wanted epix now!!1!  I might just be hurling myself into LFG/LFR and causing mayhem.  This is why I'm now a bit wary about letting people 'buy' their way to end game.  Now, I understand that if you have grouped/raided before, you have  a rough idea about how it all works.  You know that you need to get out of the bad (or do you now get into it?  Or does it depend on what sort of bad?), stay within healz range etc etc.  But, I would suggest, you still need to have a grasp of what your class can do and what it should do.  You still need to know what your cooldown are and when to blow them.  What your 'oh shiiiit' button is and what it does.

All of this can be gleaned from some reading, sure, as can your best spec, gems, enchants, rotation etc, but you still, I think, need some experience actually playing.  Maybe, if you could buy a max level character, the gear you're given would be deliberately itemised low enough that you wouldn't meet the minimum requirements for LFG/R.  But if you have scads of cash, you could gear up quickly via the AH, could you not?

I have to say that if Blizzard are considering allowing people to purchase characters, whether that be via the online store, or via Scrolls of Resurrection (or similar) then they have the model right as it is now.  Let people grab a character at the previous expansions level cap, then give them a few levels to Learn2Play! Letting people buy a max level character, in my opinion, would lead to many tears before bedtime end of raid-time.

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Is this thing on?

Waah! I'm so behind on my Reader (combination of moving house and philosophy being a tad taxing) I don't even know what's happening in Azeroth anymore.  I gather lots of people have killed a big cat?  And that we can make pretty gear even prettier now?  By using dragons...? Or did I get that the wrong way round?  I also gather that the current excitement surrounds what female Pandaren will look like.  I'm hoping a bit like me... By which I mean (look away now, legions of readers who think I actually do look sylph-like (and Pilf-like) IRL!) round and wobbly, not white-faced and black-eyed (those were my bygone days of goth-ness.)

Anyway, I've been pottering round in Rift, being utterly anti-social (no change there) for  a few months and I haven't had the Azeroth itch at all.  Seriously, I haven't.  But then the Scroll of Resurrection thing started and Himself stopped playing Star Wars and logged into his troll, not *that* troll (sniffle) but another one, then onto his stabby-stabby, sneaky-sneaky goblin rogue and I thought, "Hmmm...Maybe I have been away long enough."  The long and the short of it is that he's allegedly sent me a Scroll of Resurrection (though it hasn't arrived yet - is this something I should worry about?) and I thought I might meander back and see how I feel.

Part of it is that I need more excuses not to read any more Descartes ever want to do something that doesn't tax my brain in between studying and sorting out the house (did I mention that we now have a house!  That's ours!  Well, the bank owns a bit of it, but we own most of it - huzzah!) and my go-to relaxation has been Azeroth for so long.  For some reason I like Telara, but it doesn't have quite the same, "Annnnnnd relax!" effect on me that Azeroth has.  Also, I miss writing.  Oh, I have my personal blog, which gets a bit of love every now and again, but I really miss my ramblings about WoW and I miss my RP writing a LOT.  I know that I should just be able to be creative and... write, but I need that spark, that zip of inspiration that I got from my character's lives in-game.  So I need a new Pilf, as it were.  A new lass that gets my imagination going.  Now all I need is a concept...

I was also saddened to read Adam's post about the 'golden age of WoW blogging' finishing.  Much as I want to disagree with it, I'm not sure that I can.  I know that a lot of the blogs on my Reader aren't updated anymore, (*ahem* pots and kettles...) and even though I do my damnedest to hunt down 'new' blogs, I don't have the same history or connections with newer (to me) bloggers than I did with the old-school ones.  Maybe I should make more of an effort - maybe I should hurl myself back into the game and the blogosphere with renewed enthusiasm and make fresh links and just... get back to making the effort.   So what's on with you folks?  Or should I just go and read your blogs?  *giggles*