Saturday, 10 December 2011

Tyrael's charger: now you see it, now you don't

I've never had any problems with Blizzard's GMs, or the in-game support that's been provided to me.  I'm unfailingly polite in my (rare) GM tickets, and always, but always have thanked whichever GM that dealt with my issue.  It's one of the things I've always thought Blizzard have had in their favour - their customer service, in my experience, has been excellent. 

Imagine my disappointment now.  I signed up a few weeks ago for the Annual Pass, mainly because I *really* wanted Tyrael's Charger for my paladin (and my other belfs...), but also because I figured that I'll still be playing WoW in a year, so it was win/win.  When 4.3 hit, my mount was duly delivered to all my characters and I really loved it.  It felt like the right mount for my paladin, but it worked well with some of my other characters as well.  Plus I could take screenies like this:

So I was a happy gamer.  A few days ago, I logged into my account, and my mounts had vanished, from all my characters.  Gone, removed, no longer there.  I wrote a polite ticket then had a quick shufti on the forums - sure enough, it wasn't just me that this had happened to.  Three days later, I repeat that:  three days later, I finally got a response to my ticket, saying that I had failed to reply to the email they had sent about my Parental Controls.  Those would be the Parental Controls that I had only set up because of the Real ID fiasco on Sven's advice.  However, a while ago I disabled it because I thought it would be nice to have the option to catch up with  a few people there.

I'd gathered, from the forums, that this was the standard response, so I wrote politely back, saying that a) I don't have Parental Controls active, and b) that I haven't had an email from them about the Annual Pass.  Could they now kindly find a solution, and restore my mounts please?  I've just had a response to this which is the exact same response.  Word for word.  Nice copy and paste job there, folks.  Thanks for that.  I have pointed this out, in another ticket...  And now I wait, with breath that really cannot be described as 'bated'...

To say that I'm unamused is putting it mildly.  I had to activate the damn Parental Controls in the first place because of the RealID privacy issue. They are no longer active.  I haven't had an email from Blizzard (and just for the record, Himself, who does still have active Parental Controls replied to the email and still doesn't have an active Annual Pass, weeks later!) anyway.  They would also like me to provide them with a scanned copy of my identification, such as my passport!  Can I just ask you to take a moment to decide whether, with all the security breaches from games companies in recent months, if you would happily scan a crucial document, such as your passport, then email it to a company who, allegedly, has reasonable cyber-security (at present anyway... But then again, I'd hazard that Sony also thought that... )

I'm incredibly disappointed.  I understand that there can be occasional issues when new things (such as the Annual Pass) go live, but the customer service that I have experienced on this occasion, has been shabby.  I thought Blizzard were better than this.   

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  1. That's really a shame, and quite annoying as well I can imagine.

    I did get a Parental Controls e-mail. Which I found odd since I thought I'd disabled my PC when I allowed Real ID, but apparently not. I can't find a way to disable PC either, so I guess I'll just leave it. I responded to the e-mail and everything seems to be fine for me at least. Shame it wasn't that smooth for everyone :(

    I hope it gets sorted. It does seem like a bit of a hassle for the Annual Pass considering it's something that benefits *them* in the long run, since they'll have a customer for 12 months.