Monday, 28 November 2011

*knock knock*

Is there anybody out there...?  Or have you fainted with shock at seeing a Moar Alts post appear in your Reader?  It's ok, I don't blame you for either not being around anymore (not sure why I'm comforting you in a post that you'll never read, though) or for being a tad shocky.  The awful thing is that I'm still playing a lot of WoW, I just haven't been writing about it.  I've not bucked the trend for Skyrim or for SW:ToR (but I have watched Himself play the beta and yeah, I don't really do Star Wars.  I'm not even sure that I've seen the films; has my geek cred disappeared totally now?) and I've unwillingly unsubbed from Rift as I wasn't playing it.  Ever.  Ok, you're up to date now, amirite?  Good.

So, Himself has a max level hunter (which I clearly don't resent him for, not a tad, especially not when my hunters all stall in the mid-30s.  I'm really ok with him having one.  Honestly. Convinced?  Excellent!) that he's kinda (I think) decided to do that extreme mad soloing thing that hunters and their turtles do, only in his case there's a scarab not a turtle.  Yesterday, when I hauled my streaming-with-cold self off the sofa momentarily, I saw that he was going into Tempest Keep.  Hey, wait!  WTF, honey?  Why are you doing that without me??  Himself muttered something about starting to solo stuff, and wanting the tier 5 2 piece set bonus thing for moar pet healz, but was very gracious when I demanded offered to come along too,  I'll bring my priest along, then, y'know, there will be healz and stuff.  Unfortunately, unlike hunters, priests don't have stealth so we had to remove some of the trash first...  We outlevel this content by 15 levels.  Ok, it's a 25 man raid but we're still 15 levels above it.  Damn, if it isn't hard though.  The Void Reaver was the one we needed to kill, and actually we got him on the first try, so Himself got his shoulders and I got mine ('mogging stuffz?  They're odd looking though...)  Himself hadn't managed to soak up all the damage from the arcane orbs on his own, so whilst I did bugger all damage, because, gee ain't silence fun when you're a priest, I did absorb 50% of the hits, giving him enough breathing space to still be alive at the end.  And y'know, I was in Tempest Keep.  Woot and stuff.  I've never been before.  Best I did in BC was Kara, Zul'Aman and Magtherion.  

After our success with the Reaver we went to Serpentshrine Cavern to try our luck with Leotheras. He might need a few more people...