Wednesday, 24 August 2011


Or, as you may be more used to it: archaeology.
First off, I didn't get it for months. I've tried it, as I levelled and pootled around, but it made me 'meh'.  I tried it on Pilf who hated it (no shock there - digging in, like, dirt and heavy labour - uh-huh... you do the maths) and all my other characters on my live account are low level and don't have (fast) flying and I just wrote it off.

Those who read my personal blog may recall a post some weeks ago that mentioned my lack of competitiveness. They may have confused this with sheer downright bloody-minded competitiveness, mind you, detailing as it did, how I nearly killed myself on our cross-trainer (of pain and evil) as I was determined to beat do better than keep up with Himself.  So, at the point where Himself decided he was going to take up archaeology on one of his characters, I knew I was... done for.  AND he cheated and had the temerity to use his druid so he doesn't even have to mount up.  AND he has the further temerity to do it whilst levelling and level insanely fast as a result.  However, clearly I have not let this bother me.  Oh no. Quite the opposite. You might be forgiven for thinking that, at the point when he achieved the 'Assistant Professor' title, I was concerned.  You may be forgiven for also thinking that when he showed me his shiny toys he was making I was jealous.  You would be wrong on both accounts...

For instance, there is no way that I would have re-activated my other account because it has my high level characters who have speedy flying on it. Oh no.  That was coincidental because... I... missed them.  Additionally, it is inconceivable that I have had my butt glued to the chair until about 10 minutes ago - huzzah, because I wanted to get the AssProff title as well.  That would be an unhealthy competitive dynamic to foster in a marriage - amirite? Good, I'm glad you agree... So I'm off to... ahem... just trundle around Azeroth some more.  Who knows, maybe I'll trip over some of those artifact thingys as I stroll.  Stranger things have happened.

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  1. This made me laugh!

    Oh Archaeology.. the bane of my existance. I managed to do quite a bit because I did it while I was watching NCIS from season 1 onwards. Thing is, of course, that I was doing it on my alt with Alchemy since I was hoping for the Vial of the Sands pattern.

    No pattern in sight, and by now the friggin alt has the Professor title! My Warlock is incensed! So I've given up on that damn pattern, and now I have to do it all over again on the Warlock *sigh*

    And it was totally - and very obviously - all a coincidence that you reactivated that account.. Oh and who doesn't potter around in Azeroth now and then, right?