Wednesday, 24 August 2011


Or, as you may be more used to it: archaeology.
First off, I didn't get it for months. I've tried it, as I levelled and pootled around, but it made me 'meh'.  I tried it on Pilf who hated it (no shock there - digging in, like, dirt and heavy labour - uh-huh... you do the maths) and all my other characters on my live account are low level and don't have (fast) flying and I just wrote it off.

Those who read my personal blog may recall a post some weeks ago that mentioned my lack of competitiveness. They may have confused this with sheer downright bloody-minded competitiveness, mind you, detailing as it did, how I nearly killed myself on our cross-trainer (of pain and evil) as I was determined to beat do better than keep up with Himself.  So, at the point where Himself decided he was going to take up archaeology on one of his characters, I knew I was... done for.  AND he cheated and had the temerity to use his druid so he doesn't even have to mount up.  AND he has the further temerity to do it whilst levelling and level insanely fast as a result.  However, clearly I have not let this bother me.  Oh no. Quite the opposite. You might be forgiven for thinking that, at the point when he achieved the 'Assistant Professor' title, I was concerned.  You may be forgiven for also thinking that when he showed me his shiny toys he was making I was jealous.  You would be wrong on both accounts...

For instance, there is no way that I would have re-activated my other account because it has my high level characters who have speedy flying on it. Oh no.  That was coincidental because... I... missed them.  Additionally, it is inconceivable that I have had my butt glued to the chair until about 10 minutes ago - huzzah, because I wanted to get the AssProff title as well.  That would be an unhealthy competitive dynamic to foster in a marriage - amirite? Good, I'm glad you agree... So I'm off to... ahem... just trundle around Azeroth some more.  Who knows, maybe I'll trip over some of those artifact thingys as I stroll.  Stranger things have happened.

Monday, 8 August 2011

Scrub and ding?

I've been reading 'Reality is Broken' by Jane McGonigal over the last few months.  No... I'm not *that* slow a reader - I just find it's one of those books that is best dipped into in short bursts.  She's essentially one of the proponents of 'gamification' of life,  but I'm not about to debate whether that is a 'good' or 'bad' thing.  People get exceptionally hot under the collar when it comes to gamification, from the posts I've read, and I'm not about to enter into the fray.  Just spout off a little...

Ok - who loves housework?  ALL housework?  Really?  Ok, you can stop reading now you strange person.  The others can carry on at their leisure.  Maybe I'm late to the party again (hey - it wouldn't be very surprising) and the entirety of the gamer community knows about this already, but Chore Wars?  Really?  I'm not going to explain the concept in any depth - you can go and read the FAQs for that but I'm not convinced.  I'm especially unconvinced by the thought of kids being happy to do chores in reward for 'virtual' gold as opposed to 'actual' pocket money.  When I was a young lass (many many years decades ago) we 'had' to keep our bedrooms tidy and then pocket money was 'earned' by washing the car or some other 'additional' chore.  I think if we'd have been offered 'virtual' gold (which I'm not 100% certain, but I'm making a fairly solid guess here... I don't think my local corner shop lady would have accepted in return for 'actual' sweeties) we'd have scrunched our foreheads up in a bemused manner and gone back to reading a book.  (Because, y'know we read then and we didn't have a tv...)  Maybe I'm incorrect, the site testimonials sing the praises of Chore Wars for getting kids helping out (and being happy to do so!) but I think my daughter would /sigh then /eye roll, and carry on sitting in her room in gothic gloom listening to 'music' that consists of fast guitar and angry men (like I used to...)

McGonigal writes very sweetly about herself and her husband vying to clean the bathroom because it 'gives the most xp' but it made me twitch.  I'm not sure that I can envisage a situation where Himself and I 'compete' to do the cleaning. In my view, chores are done by the person who has the lowest tolerance for clutter and /or grot.  That's it, in a nutshell.   And I remain unconvinced that a game that grants xp for ironing, for example, will change either my view that clothes should be ironed (in which case xp is irrelevant) or Himself's view that ironing is a futile waste of time (in which it would, I suggest, need to be a more 'tangible' reward before his mindset would alter.)