Friday, 8 July 2011


So some of you may remember the tussle I was having with my conscience with regard to RMT - specifically about buying the Winged Guardian mount of loveliness... Well, I opened my email last night and there was a lovely message from Blizzard telling me that someone had bought it for me!  I did a huge *squeeeeeeeeee* (loud enough to bring Himself running into the room going '"wtf??") and fired up WoW  to take screenshots:

So Feebs, chickie - thank you.  I love ya!!!


  1. :D

    I have no moral qualms buying things from the Pet Store (hello Lil' K.T! Moonkin Hatchling! Etc, etc.) so why not use my lack of morals to make a dear friend happy?

    Now, I need to talk to you about a body...

  2. A body? Mine? Pilf's? Himself's (heaven forbid!) Do I need to call you...??!!11

  3. Squeeeee!

    Have been waiting for this post, although I didn't think that someone might buy it for you sneakily, but then I remembered people have bought ME pets in the past, so why I'd not thought of that I don't know.

    Great news though :) Happy for you.