Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Sheathing my claws

You may recall from here that I had some slightly bonkers idea about levelling only through herbing, mining and exploring (until 20 when archaeology kicks in).

Meet Tranquilitas

Also available in kitty flavour...

Well, what can I say - I've hit level 10 and yeah, it's interesting.  I have zero kills and zero quests completed:

I was amazed by how strong my 'attack' reaction is!  I've nothing on my action bars except my racial stealth and my healing spells... It's fun to be doing something so different though.  I have to be in the right mood - running away and dying can be frustrating, but I'm getting more zen about it.

The only irritating thing is that I'm really confined to the newbie zones - I can't take hits from anything more than a few levels about me and stay alive, so it's fair to say that I'm a bit bored with Elwynn, Kharanos and Azuremyst!  However, now I've reached the dizzy heights of level 10 and can be sneaky kitty this might change.  I'm also impressed that I have 89 mining and 115 herbalism at such a low level!!

I suspect that the other folks in the Iron Man Challenge are gonna beat me hands down in terms of levelling speed, but I'm enjoying slowing right down and smelling the roses (remind me of this in a few weeks time when I'm frothing at the mouth please, loyal readers!)


  1. Haha, no worries, I'll be leveling slowly as well. I can say that I also have to be very consciouss about who I attack and where I am.
    As it is right now, I can get in trouble for hitting on mobs 2 levels above me (or two mobs at the same time = me sweating).
    I think we're all discovering these new restrictions, that we didn't have to worry about before.

  2. Making it hard is fun at the moment :) My Himself is busy working out if he can figure out en even more difficult way to level *sighs*

    I'm looking forward to reading about Elford's adventures as well - he sounds like he may have a few surprises in store :)

  3. It's an interesting challenge for sure, and I'm curious to see how it goes.

    It's a good thing you get XP from herbs even if they're a lower level herb, but I'm curious - does the XP stay the same or get less as you level?

    Archeology will be nice, but I imagine it will be a lot of travel without a flying mount. Then again, that means more herbs and mines!

    I levelled with Archeology only more or less from level 72-85 on my Mage (I was bored of quests). It's slow, but it's a nice change in pace and very suitable for a quiet evening watching TV while flying around digging.

  4. I just love the name "Pilfkin".
    That's what I really came here for today, I thought I should tell you that sometime (it doesn't fit to any topic, sorry I know!)! ^^

  5. @ Saga - uh actually it goes up wirth level (even if the herbs themselves are grey). I think, but I'm not certain, that it just gives you x% of your level per herb. Uh when I was like level 5 I think it was about 46xp per herb - now I've reached the dizzy heights of level 11 (I know! Level cap soon huh?!) it's about 86xp. And herbs that reward levelling skin ups award no more xp than those that are grey - good job really as I'm still mining copper and herbing earthroot / peacebloom / silverleaf - and probably wil be for some time!

    @ Syl - Complients (name related or otherwise) are always welcome and are not reqwuired to fit into a post topic :)

    I've been Pilfkin in WoW forever... as Alliance and as Horde. In both my old guilds I was called that (amongst other less polite names ;) )regardless of which character I was playing. Pilfkin, whilst being a character in WoW is also me online, if you see what I mean, so I'm kinda attached to the name as well :)

  6. Oh, I'm interested to hear how this goes. Are you allowing yourself mounts?

    Archaeology will help a lot. I remember I was so taken with it at first I went up a level without even noticing.