Tuesday, 19 July 2011

My mouth is full...

And my momma told me not to talk with a full mouth.  (She also told me that nice girls don't spit... but I guess that's another story - amirite?)  So... It's a good job I'm typing then, eh?  Oh, why is my mouth full?  That would be because I bit off waaaaaaaaay more than I can chew with Tranq (so named because I need valium, I'm coming to believe...)

Allow me to expound:

The curse of alt-itis
I've never been very good at what Himself calls JFDI (Just Feckin' Do It) as anyone who's heard me whinge about writing essays will know.  So I've always enjoyed levelling, but I... how can I put this.  I get a bit bored with my characters.  Even when I was levelling to be a srsbznz raider, I ran other alts that I could snatch a few minutes here and there on just to get a break from my main.  When I gave up raiding, I lost what little ability I had to focus on one character.  Now I could play around with as many as I wanted - guilt free!  Wheeeeeee!! Which, y'know, is grand an' all, but it means I don't ever get anything actually done. I love my alts, but sometimes I need someone to stand over me with a stick and make me actually level one!

The additional curse of having been playing for a while
I'm even worse at the moment because I'm going through a 'meh' phase with gaming.  I log onto WoW, I cycle through my *ahem* 48 various characters (yep - nearly at account limit) and then I log off.  I log onto Rift and I think... meh. Rift is too WoW like... Last night, Himself suggested that maybe I should play something else for a while.  'Like what?' I asked him.  He shrugged, 'I don't know - why don't you give LoTRO a go now it's F2P?'  So I went and looked at their website and thought... yeah it's another fantasy MMO.  I'm not sure I wanna play another fantasy MMO... So Himself suggested Minecraft.  Umm... nope.  (Please, take a moment to feel sympathy for Himself and marvel at his patience.)

Trying to keep it fresh
This means trying new stuffs doesn't it?  Hence teh challenge.  Don't get me wrong, I will do this - even if it takes me until the servers go offline forever.  (And I'll probably still be in Elwynn).  But it's hard going.  I need to be in the right frame of mind, which is one of the reasons why I'm struggling at the moment - dying to things 10 levels above me is ok if I'm in a happy-go-lucky mood (hey, stop laughing - it does happen sometimes!) but if I'm not, it just makes me cross and spitty. 

Further conclusions
  • I need to do this one on rested xp only.  Whilst the xp from gathering increases with level, oddly, it makes no difference whether I'm gathering herbs that are grey to me (in terms of levelling herbalism, if you see what I mean) or orange.  So peacebloom gives the same xp as wild steelbloom.  Basically, I could spend the next x number of years in Elwynn and get to 85.  I'm not sure my sanity would be intact, but theoretically, it seems like it would be possible. 
  • I am booooooooooored with being in starter zones.  Now I have prowl, I've expended my horizons somewhat (hello Duskwood, hello Redridge) but the death count goes up accordingly.  In newbie lands I can HoT, shift back to kitty and outrun mobs.  In the next zones up I can HoT but I basically still eat dirt regularly.  For sheer ease and speed of levelling, it makes more sense to circle Elwynn.  Oh god, I see my future writ large: cross kobolds and stroppy bandits...
  • The server economy in copper ore, silverleaf, peacebloom and earthroot is utter and total incomprehensible madness.  The prices fluctuate daily and I have no idea if my peacebloom is going to make 2g a stack or 20g.  On the plus side, I now have over 400g at level 13.  That's more than some of my characters had at level 70 (ok, minor exaggeration, but not much of one.)
  • I need to play malicious 'murder, kill, death' characters as well.  So I now have an orc fire mage and an undead aff'lock.  She's called Thropy - which enables my FlagRSP to be set to Miss Ann Thropy.  That makes me happy.
How are my fellow Iron-(Wo)Men getting on?


  1. "Murder, Kill, Death"
    ...In the future, All restaurants are Taco Bells, John Spartan! :P

    Ironkerion just broke 20. It's kinda weird what he can and can't handle. That elite ettin stomping around the Gilneas front? Dead. A bunch of robe wearing losers hiding in a pink bubble? I'm dead. Boggles the mind really.

  2. Wow I'm just thinking about the possibility of leveling a character while never leaving Elwynn Forest... that's crazy, I don't think I would be able to handle that either.
    Elford is lvl 21 and doing better than at the lower levels, where I really struggled. I can mirror what Ironkerion is saying too.

  3. I have a Goblin toon in the Lost Isles who could, in theory, level all the way to 85 without ever leaving the zone by herbing Peacebloom, Silverleaf, and Earthroot and mining Copper Ore. Am I actually going to try to do that with this character? No way! I alreay know that I don't have the patience for that kind of a long, long, long, slow, slow, slow grind :P

  4. @ Vrykerion - I'm so uncool I had to look up your Taco Bell reference :*(

    I'm starting to think that I might have an ironwoman alt as well. I need to go and re-read your rule set before I decide though. And w00t *highfive* on hitting 20. And I'm interested, elite = ok due to being one mob, robe wearing losers = not ok due to mob rulez? Or something else?

    @ Ironyca - *highfive* for Elford as well! I'm trying NOT to think about when I'll actually be able to leave Elwynn... realistically I suspect it'll be at about level 20...

    @ Kam - I'm trying to have patience... sometimes it's harder than others. But it is an interesting point - that theoretically one could level 1 - 85 in starter zones...

  5. @Pilf Don't worry about not getting the Taco Bell reference. :D It's not exactly the world's most well known or well respected flick. Not to mention, I think they changed Taco Bell to Pizza Hut for the European version. Because Europe doesn't have taco bell or something? (No clue.)

    A giant elite hits hard, but is just one monster, if I can heal the hits and get off an occasional fear, I'm solid. Ambermill mages stack on you like a bunch of punks. Fear one, and three more come back. They do not fight with honor. Neither do I, but heck, I'm forsaken.

  6. @ Vrykerion - No Taco Bell In Europe (I had to look Taco Bell up as well, I knew it was a fast food place but I didn't know what kind - oh I do learn stuff every day *pleased face*) I'm not even sure that we have an equivalent - well not in England anyway. If I (or the family) want Mex (or Tex-Mex or whatever Taco Bell categorises itself as ) I cook it. NomNomNom.

    Glad to hear you have no honour. Who needs honour when they have *drumroll* BLIGHT!?!!

  7. i can't really explain the details, as i didn't take the time to research them, but as you gain levels "more grey" herbs will give less XP than "less grey" herbs. also yellow + orange give the same XP, both more than green if i remember correctly. and if you level up, the same herb (provided it's still the same difficulty colour to you) gives you more XP than before you leveled up.

    distilling a small tipp out of the above: if you find a tier of herbs you like and find a lot, don't go train the next level of herbalism, so the skill needed remains in the yellow/orange range!

    (well until you get bored of those herbs and outleveled the zone that is)