Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Lipstick on your collar

I think it's time I found a lover. 

I'm done with teenage crushes, they just don't last long enough.

I'm happily married, but occasionally I want something... different. 

A nice low-key affair, that's what I need.

NB: This is a metaphor.  Or a smilie.  Or an allegory.  I'm never certain of the difference. 

See, I had my teenage crush when I played Rift.  For a few weeks, it was all I wanted to play.  It was shiny, it was oh so very pretty,  it was briefly a very intense experience, but it wasn't substantial enough.  So the passion died and I got bored. 

WoW is my marriage.  It's been there for years.  It's solid, dependable.  I know my way around it.  I know its flaws and its good points.  I know the things it does that makes me happy, and the things it does that makes me grind my teeth.  We fit well together, WoW and I. 

But sometimes... sometimes I want something that isn't WoW.  I want something that's familiar enough, but different.  I don't want a lover who's identical to my husband.  I want one who isn't demanding, who knows the score and occasionally buys me silk underwear. But I don't want a teenage crush. I want something that'll last.  Something that I can visit when WoW gets too humdrum.  Something that I can play one evening a week, that gives me enough kaboom that I can happily toddle off back to WoW, secure in the knowledge that I can visit again, when I want to, without any demands or regrets. 

I think LoTRO would fall into the category of being too similar to my husband, as would other MMOs based in a 'fantasy' world. Now Wiki's list of MMORPGs are kinda heavy on the 'fantasy' genre. To say the least. But having looked and visited various sites I'm off to shag a superhero create a supervillan on City of Heroes.  I expect it'll turn out to be just another teenage crush but you never know...


  1. The answer is: POLYGAMY!


  2. I know - right? But I need to find someone (something) to be polygamous with first. I.e. need MOAR husbands :)

  3. Try out Allods! it's free and got the loveliest characters! it should be familiar enough, yet worth the sin!

  4. SW:TOR. oh my yes. It's like WoW...but differant. Fantasy _and_ spaceships. Glowing swords! Big monsters (that possibly shoot lazers) goodies! baddies!

  5. @ Syl - ohhhhhhhh it's pretty! But it's kinda RMT. I'm not sure Himself would like letting me lose in a game where I (he!) would have to buy the pretties :)

    @ Raffles - yeah... see it doesn't have that effect on me. I think Himself is probably going to go for it - but not the £150 collectors edition (that makes me ranty - but that's another post entirely). I guess maybe it's because I haven't seen to Star Wars films - well I'm sure that I've seen some of them but they clearly didn't have much impact on me!

    I would like a lightsaber though... preferably IRL ;)