Friday, 8 July 2011

In one of those slightly odd kismet things, just as I was considering whether it was possible to level in a pacifistic manner, a couple of people wrote posts about their own personal WoW challenges - Psynister is intending to take up the WoW Iron Man challenge set by Vrykerion and Ironyca has written about WoW's Unconventional Heroes.   I'd originally planned to make Pacifae level in this manner, then I changed my mind due to the awesomeness of hello kitteh rawr! But hey, like Psynister said - "There's always room for one more alt!" and after all, these are words from the undisputed master of alts *bows*

So I've made myself another night elf druid (I'm getting good at this!) with the following caveats, queries and observations:
  • No killing.  Anything. 
  • I need to work out if rooting stuff can potentially kill it.
  • No questing.  Not even quests that don't require killing.
  • That means no pacifistic dailies either - so no sneaky levelling of cooking and fishing...
  • Xp gained ONLY from exploring, herbing and mining and (eventually) archaeology.
  • I'm going to die.
  • I'm going to die a LOT.  But there's no penalty until level 10 *huzzah*!
  • Night elf stealth helps.
  • Prowling in kitty form will help even more.  But I have to level to get there.
  • Taking all damaging spells and abilities off the action bars helps.
  • I can (eventually) wear pretty clothes.
  • No-one will see the pretties if I'm almost always in kitty form...
  • Tranquilitas is a nice name but I can't think of a Flag RSP title to go along with it *sniffle*
  • It's going to take forever.  And them some.
  • I will learn to be patient.  And not get (as) cross when I die...


  1. Not even killing those fiendish squirrels that continue to steal my popcorn that no one believes me about?

    I wish you the best of luck with this. :D It's like an inverted version of our challenge really. Lots of killing and quests and no pretty clothes or professions vs. Lots of pretty clothes and professions but no killing or quests. Archaeology reeeeeally helps at higher levels. I remember when Cata came out I went from 80-81.5 on just grinding my Archaeology to 225 (with rest xp of course)

    P.S. At some point you might wanna switch Oddcraft over to the new name Land of Odd. ^_^

  2. Senora Tranquilitas .. ?

    In WOW all I could find really was High-Oracle - I'm such a fail at RP :)

    Have fun with your project though :)

  3. @ Vrykerion - noes :( No critter killing either (and you're walking round Azeroth with popcorn? For reals? Can I recommend Tigule and Foror's Strawberry Ice Cream instead? I'm 99% certain that squirrels don't like ice cream. Especially not strawberry flavour!)

    And link to your blog is fixed - apologies, I'm *really* bad with keeping on top opf my blogroll...

    @ Seph - Heh, I guess I'm a Senora now not a Senorita (still getting used to it!) But I think really I'm a chica ;)

  4. My wife and I have both leveled one of our 80's to 85 on nothing but Archaeology and/or gathering professions. It's extremely easy, and it actually goes by pretty quick. (Especially with rested bonuses.)

    Also keep in mind that chests you find in the world now reward experience as though they were a rare spawn of the zone's level. So if you find a chest in a zone you're gathering in, be sure to check that same location whenever you pass it again while you're there and you'll level even faster.

    And no, your roots won't kill anything besides critters, and many of those won't die either. And don't forget hibernate once you have it as well.

    If you want to speed up the process a bit, use a Tauren instead for 0.5 second herbalism and an AoE stun to help you run away from those bloodthirsty mobs.