Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Hoisted... by Picard

Like any couple who have been together for a while, Himself and I have our own shorthand for various things.  Some of it is game-related; f'r'instance I struggle quite badly in crowds for any length of time, in a "Get me outta here NOW!" way, not just a "Oh it's a bit busier than I'd like it to be..." way.  We refer to this (in public) as the framerate dropping, as in "Can we leave please, I'm getting a low framerate!" or "Are you ok honey - is everything getting laggy?"  Whilst, yes, it's geeky it does allow us to communicate stuff that's a bit personal in a slightly cryptic manner.

We also have various other phrases  - "a bit corgi" for example, describes a certain type of person, as does being full of "eastern monosodium gultamate" (serious *highfive* for anyone who gets the references - but really?  You're *that* sad as well...!) And some that have just crept into our vernacular after I've had a dizzy moment - sunlight is now pixels rather than photons...  And, as the post title may suggest - in the house of Himself and Myself, one is not hoisted on one's petard but rather by a famous Captain - usually indicated by Himself yelling "...Picard to Bridge!!" or something kinda like this.

Right - there is a WoW lead here, honestly, mainly to do with a Picard-related incident. I've been vaguely opposed to RMT/micro transaction thingys - not hugely anti mind, just a bit... grouchy about it.  I've never wanted any of the pets in the petstore, cute though they are; with the exception of the plushie windrider that has an in-game baby one too, that I got for Christmas - but that was wanting the plushie, the ingame pet was a bonus rather than the original want.  Yes, I realise that wanting a plushie is probably worse, but thanks for pointing it out...  I never wanted the Celestial Steed  - I want sparkle form not a sparkle pony, but Ghostcrawler seems to be unaccountably unwilling to notice my QQ!  So when the Winged Guardian mount was released I went "Hmph, another way for Blizz to make money from the masses."  And carried on.  Then I began to see them ingame.  And you know what - I really like them.  I like them a lot.

Which leaves me somewhat hoisted - I've muttered and grumbled to Himself (and on this blog) about RMT things.  I've poured (small amounts of) scorn on people who pay RL money for ingame stuff (sorry!) But now I find myself at the Blizzard store, stroking the screen wistfully and thinking how nice some (all?) of my characters would look on it.  And I can see the appeal in having a mount that does it 'all'.  A mount that ups speed and flying capability depending on your riding skill.  I know that mounts are small change these days, but having a Winged Guardian on all my current and future characters is quite appealing.

But... we're in self-imposed financial penury due to wedding spending, plus we've just all had to have new glasses (in my case three pairs - one long distance, one short distance and one set of prescription sunnies!), the roof on the car appears to be fucked (thank you complicated electronic folding roof - come back manual soft-tops - all is forgiven!) etc, etc, so do I *really* need to spend £17 on a virtual item?  No of course I don't need to.  But I kinda want to. And the bad bit of my brain says, 'that's only three bottles of wine... that's less than the bottle of champagne that you and Himself opened at 5pm last night... that's about what it costs for you all to go to Costa...' and I try to ignore it.  (As an aside - we don't usually drink champagne on Mondays.  At 5pm.  Or at all.  We'd bought a bottle to celebrate our first anniversary and forgot to take it away with us and the bottle was bunging up the fridge... And it was lovely on the balcony, in the sun, watching the tide go out and yeah... that's my excuses run out...) 

But the Winged Guardian is soooooooooo strokeable!  So c'mon folks - opinions from the peanut gallery requested:  should I be hoisted (and spend money) or remain firm and principled...?


  1. Next time you want a Pizza from Domino's say 'No thanks - I'll have a lettuce leaf' and buy a Winged Guardian. They are similar prices. I mean £17 for a bloody pizza!

    The WG are nice though - the white on the edge of the wings glows along as you ride them, but the beardy parts look a bit strange to me.

    Principles and rules and stuff are meant to be broken - and you're a bloody woman - you're totally allowed to change your mind :)

    Every character, forever! Level 20 onwards - mount! Woo! Post a piccie when you get it ;)

  2. Principles are a fine thing. Standing by them (up for them? How does one uphold a principle?) is noble, and can part of a force for positive change.

    "Principle" might be a bit of an overused word, though, in the same way that "disaster", "fantastic", "tragedy" and "awesome" have gone from describing extremity to describing the feeling you get when there's only a single blueberry in your muffin, or finding a supermarket trolley without one of those insert-coin irritations attached.

    So let's recast your feeling about the RMT store as a "mild distaste". It's now a bit like buying booze from a know-it-all in a specialist store. You could do without the snooty look and supercilious tone, but you really want that whisky and honestly, it's not so bad.


    Yes, I did just take three paragraphs to say "you should get it". Go me!

  3. @ Seph - Heh I'm trying NOT to use the 'woman's right to change her mind' line as Himself will give me grief forever more for being a stereotype - but you have a point re pizza. Youngest had her mates over on Saturday and we ordered Domninos for them all (prior to them going to the fair, where, sadly NONE of them regurgitated it on the waltzers!) and it was a horrid amount of money. Trouble is, it's not my money I'm spending nowadays, but Himself's!

    @ Theanorak - concur re standing by, rather than up for! And also concur re overuse of similar words (which I'm guilty of, on many occasions!)

    Ugh - the last time I bought whiskey was for my Papa for his Christmas present and I wanted to get him a GOOD one, so I went to a specialist... who made me try them. Honestly - I was messed up at like 3pm. Each one was viler (I haaaaate the taste of whiskey) but I bought him one that he loves and rations himself, I think, to about 3 glasses a year of!

    All of which I a long way of saying I agree - I should get it! Go you indeed (but see above comment to Seph re the caveat!)

  4. I can't think of anyone I've come across who is so typically un-stereotypey that you could pull that one JUST to be different!

    Bugger it anyway. You want one - you get one! Who are you trying to justify it to? Yourself, or himself, or the rest of us. You want one, he wants you to be happy (and you did recently agree to share everything didn't you, so it's not HIS money - it's both of yours?), we giggle and watch as you wrestle with yourself and will end up buying one :) Hugs - you're wonderful and THAT is precisely why you deserve one.