Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Hello kitteh!

I'm so permanently late to the party that when I finally show up, I fully expect 'what's hawt' to have come full circle; the wallpaper will be migraine inducing circles, the food will be vol au vents and fondue and 'toons (the musical sort, sorry, I can't bring myself to write 'choon',  even in a heavily ironic sense) will be D.I.S.C.O.  *Himself will be wearing his leopard print flares...

So yeah.  I've known for ages that druids get kitty form dependent upon their hair colour but whenever I've tried to play a druid I've always opted for boomkin, unsuccessfully, I might add.  I want a druid - they're extraordinarily cool, but I've never gelled with one.  So when I decided that it would be interesting to make a character, with the concept of getting them to level 20, then levelling only via gathering and archaeology, a feral druid seemed like a sensible option.  Then, in the only flash of min-maxing I've ever had, I opted for a nelf on the basis of the racial stealth spell.  Rules of the game were going to be no killing.  Not even in self-defence.  So an additional aggro-dropping spell would be ftw!  So I made myself a pretty lass, with purple hair - which meant I would have:

AMG purple kitteh!!  (Yes, I'm *that* ferocious - be very afraid!)

I'm interested as to whether it would be viable (as opposed to 'possible') to level purely through dual gathering and archaeology.  I'm doing it successfully thus far on Pilf (more of that in another post) but she can fly, so herbing etc is a lot faster.  I put level 20 as the limit on questing and killing because that's when you can pick up archaeology.  I didn't expect to enjoy feral druid-ing but goodness me, kitteh rawr! is really quite effective and fun!

It's so much fun that my plans for non-violent levelling have been shelved - despite her now having a completely inappropriate name (Pacifae would be fine for, say a resto druid, it's less fine for a feral kitteh rawr! one) and I'm blazing through content.  Somehow I've hit level 24 without really trying hard.  I hit a few buttons in hello kitteh rawr! form, shift out to HoT myself, shift back and go through mobs like a hot knife through butter.  Why did no-one tell me levelling as kitteh was this easy?  

I have no clue about what I should be doing, by the way.  Energy is something that I'm not familiar with, so I'm hitting mangle, claw, rip (I think) then bite as a finisher (if they're not already dead) and relying on Pawn to tell me what quest rewards I should be taking.  from which I assume that it's +agi, + stam, ignore everything else...?

And of course, I'm more ferocious than the kitteh in the picture above.  I'm actually this ferocious:

Be very afraid...

*Himself does have a picture of him dressed in such attire.  If I was less lovely I would post it.


  1. Pacifist leveling is definitely legit, and druids are one of the best choices. Rogues are great for the 1-60 push for this, especially with increased speed while stealthed now, but they fall behind once Flight Form becomes available to the Druids.

  2. Oh yes, purple is the way to go. I've given Alq a make-over, with purple pigtails, and even though there were three of us sporting the pigtail look in raid last night, I unashamedly do not care. I like them.

    I've tried a feral myself, not been able to gel with one myself yet - it seems balance and resto is far more my thing. I'll be eagerly watching for updates!