Tuesday, 3 May 2011


I've been thinking recently about how I'm currently playing MMOs.  Or, to be more precise, how I'm incorrectly playing MMOs.  For whatever reason I'm playing both WoW and Rift like they're MOs.  Minus the 'Multi-player' bit.  Ok, maybe that's less true of Rift, where grouping is an essential part of the game, though I guess, if I really chose to, I could just play solo the entire time, by choosing not to hit the 'join public group' button in rifts.  But in the main, I go my own way, alone (save my minion in Rift and my water elemental in WoW) and that kinda suits me.  I know there are other players around, I see them, I interact with them (if such a word is applicable in the circumstances) via the auction house, but aside from that I don't have anything to do with anyone else.

Two of my characters in WoW are guilded and I like both guilds and characters a lot.  But I'm playing my non-guilded ones.  Which is kinda frustrating as I quite like both my (guilded) warlock and priest.  The trouble is that I log on, feeling vaguely sociable, and after a short amount of time I'm all socialised out.  This is especially difficult on my priest as I go waaaaaaaaay back with a lot of the guild members so even if I just bow out of guild chat people still talk to me via whisper.  Oh woe is me - I have too many friends... Yes, I know.  You're playing the smallest violin in the world right now...

I'm not quite sure when this occurred.  I used to be very sociable, the life and soul of the party guild chat etc etc.  But at the moment it's all just too much work, dammit.  I don't WANT to have to talk to people and be polite when I log on, and there's something else, which I suspect is the fault of ano domini. I can't play and talk any more.  By which I mean I don't appear to be able to stay alive and type simultaneously. If I talk to someone I'm dead (or as good as) by the time I've finished writing the sentence.  And it never used to be like that! I used to be able to instance and carry on a conversation in vent and two via whisper.  And only occasionally send the wrong tell to the wrong person...  As it's doubtful that WoW has gotten harder, I guess that I'm just not as quick reflexed as I used to be. Le sigh.

So what I want Blizz to implement is an offline button.  Much like MSN or whatever. One that enables me to be online, playing my characters but NOT appear as logged on on guild or friends lists.  Then, when I want to be sociable, I can just click a button and materialise into guild again.  That way I could play whichever character I wanted to, regardless of whether I want to be sociable. Then again, I have a good line in wanting to have my cake AND eat it AND make trifle from the left-overs, so I won't hold my breath...


  1. I used to have "secret alts", something that I later came to realize was a concept most WoW-players could relate to.
    It does exactly what you described, puts you in a sort of offline mode to others, while you're still able to play WoW, that is of course if you do not have people on RealID (which I don't).
    Perhaps, if RealID doesn't mess that up, you could make a secret alt, when you feel like playing the MO, over the MMO.

  2. ffxi has a privacy option that hides your class in searches, you can take off your guild membership item and you can make yourself /away and then you can't receive whispers.

    also because servers aren't regional and guilds tend to have global membership. Small ones can be pretty quiet at times.

    which is all handy for a game that is inherently a lot more social than wow.

  3. @ Ironyca - oh secret alts saved my sanity on too many occasions to count, when I was officer-ing in my old raid guild. Huzzah for being Secret Squirrel sometimes... But, but, but... I want to be able to play any alt at any time with the offline function that Lexi talks about!

    @ Lexi - yes, yes, yes! This, 100 times I want this is WoW!