Tuesday, 24 May 2011


1. The fact of having a right to something.
2. The amount to which a person has a right

Ok - all clear about that?  Good. 

So... you are not entitled to anything in a game. Other than what is in your standard T&Cs.  If Blizzard so chose, they could take all the WoW servers down tomorrow and other than refunding the subscripition fee for the remaining 'game time' you have purchased, you are entitled to nothing.  Zip, nix, nada, rien, niente. 

You are not entitled to new content, raids, zones or battlegrounds with new patches.

You are not entitled to assume that because you feel your particular class is over-powered/nerfed in a specific situation/context that this is a game breaking situation for other players and Blizz should devote every millisecond of their dev time to fixing it NAO!

If Blizz so chose, they could implement this and there is bugger all anyone can do about it.

You are, however, entitled to vote with your wallet at any point.  If you don't like the move towards RMT stop playing.  Seriously, if it bugs you that much cancel your sub and go play something else.  If you're not at this point, know that you can reserve your right to cancel at any time in the future.  That's what being a consumer is about. 

Blizz will milk their cash cow for as long as they can (and before it turns into a dog.)  Activision is a business.  It reports to shareholders.  Shareholds don't give a fuck about class balance or content.  Nor do they care about what you think you're entitled to...


  1. Where do you fit in being a critical consumer?

    Or would you rather all consumers (whether it be for computer games or something else) should not speak out about what they find wrong?

    Is money really the only way to interact with a company?

  2. I have no issues at all with people voicing their opinions. Free speech is a privilege that I'm aware that I, and many others, have.

    There is however, in my view, a difference between having an opinion and voicing the same, and thinking that 'your' opinion is the One True Way. And what I've been reading all over the blogsphere recently is that. People who are convinced that the opinion they is correct and anyone who disagrees is wrong. Debate is healthy. Productive debate, that is. I'm not certain that's what I've been reading recently.

    As to your last point: no, money isn't the 'only' way to interact with a company. However I would suggest that it is the most certain way you (in the general, not 'you' specifically) have of making your PoV known (and count?) You can provide all the feedback you desire - and I would commend you for doing so, but when push comes to shove it generally IS about shareholders and profit.

    Pilf (who possibly shouldn't have a view on this being as how she can't work Blogger effectively enough to comment on her own posts! Publish, yes. Comment, no...)

  3. Reading your comment I now understand your post much better, and I can say that I agree to what you are saying.

    I'm wondering about your note on believing your own opinions to be correct and everyone elses to be wrong. Do you mean you wish people were more objective and less focused on their own situation?

  4. Heh - it possibly came actross as epically stroppy, which was only a small part of the intention...

    "Do you mean you wish people were more objective and less focused on their own situation?" Yes, this is exactly what I mean. Ok, we're all entitled to have a rant and get it out of our system (as the above post shows!) but fundamentally I do think a lot of people are (understandably) only seeing things from their perspective, and are not willing to look outside of that. Which, yes is probably human nature, and I know I'm guilty of it, but it feels a bit like being so utterly 'stuck' in your (subjective) position stifles any sort of (objective) debate.