Friday, 27 May 2011

20 Days of Warcraft Redux - This Upsets (Bugs) Me.

It's Saga's meme time again - huzzah! And unfortunately I fell into a bottle of vodka last night (quick tip: vodka is only the answer if you know what the question is) so I have the hangover from hell.  But today gives me a chance to be ranty about stuff that generally sticks in my craw.  Yay.  Mind you, my last few posts haven't exactly been happy and smiley, so apologies... I'll try to minimise shouty CAPS and profanity...

Let's have a bitch fight
I hate blog drama.  Really, I do. I'm incredibly bad with confrontation that involves me personally, but I also loathe it when bloggers start splitting themselves into 'factions' and taking sides.  Healthy, productive debate is fine.  Disagreeing with people in an intelligent manner is fine.  Challenging people is fine. Taking agin people for either no discernible reason, or for some 'reason' that's so minuscule it's on the pinhead, dancing along with the angels, just upsets me. And then using that 'reason' to troll people's blog saddens me further.  I read again today, a slightly vitriolic post (that I'm not linking to because it's the kind of 'churn' post I hate) which consisted of someone spouting off about a known blogger/podcaster (that I'm not over-endowed with fondness for myself but I just kinda... don't engage with it) for seemingly no reason other than they disliked each other (I do get the feeling it was mutual...) and predictably the comments, in the main (with some exceptions) were not particularly relevant to the alleged 'point' the blogger was making but were along the lines of "OMG [other blogger] is win!!11 U r fail!!11"  /yawn.  See that /yawn.  Not even /popcorn.  Let's just make like the imp and "all just get along..."

Trolling and being a jerk
See above.  But also on forums, on blogs, and in-game.  BE NICE!  Don't be ableist, sexist, racist or a bigot in general.  If you must insist on maintaining these charming personality quirks, please keep them out of game. Seriously, my 13 year old daughter wants this t-shirt.  If she can be mature - so can you. Also, don't be an elitist jerk.  Don't tell people to L2PlayN00b.  It's utterly and completely futile. Chances are they aren't deliberately playing badly... and if they are - well that won't make any difference anyway.

I can't jump.  In Blackfathom Depths you need to jump up early on - I need a half an hour head start to swim round in circles cursing.  In Wailing Caverns I fall through the hole because, even with a run up, I usually can't make it.  Raid bosses that require me to jump (I'm looking at YOU Thaddius!) make me sweat and grind my teeth Even with levitate, even with speed potions, chances are I'm going to unintentionally kill you with bad polarity as I try to get across.  How do you do it so easily?  How??

I don't know why.  I don't get PvP.  I'm sorry.  It upsets me that with so many bad things in Azeroth, you'd want to kill each other... /takes tongue out of cheek. Nope, sorry, still don't get it.  I love the fact that you love it. It just bugs me that I can't understand why you do.  PvP has one use in my life:  to serve as a cheesy pickup line to use on Himself (*yoinked* from Bell's Valentine's Day post) "Hey baby, you look like my WoW character.  Why don't we go back to my place and PvP..."

So there ya go.  It's a short list;  be grateful for the fact that I'm dehydrated and my head hurts.  Happy long  bank holiday weekend fellow Brits, and have a good weekend all you poor souls who have to go to work on Monday...


  1. Jumping: Years of playing platformer games. Hone your skils on Turrican or Sonic.

  2. Your comment about Blackfathom Depths gave me flashback memories *lol* It's a jump I actually normally managed to make, but a friend - who always prided himself on being really good at everything - would fall down every single time! Go back to the start.. try again.. and fall!

    That being said, there have been many jumps where I fail. I blame my character's robes getting stuck on something.. or.. Well, I don't know - but I swear she gets stuck places where there is nothing to get stuck on as well.

    I'm with you on pretty much everything else. Can't stand people's attitudes sometimes, especially in random groups, it seems people get even worse when with "strangers". Being polite is obviously out of fashion or something.

    Blog drama - yeah, not really into that. I think disagreeing and discussing is great - but the manner in which you do so is such a big factor. It might decide if you're starting a blog war or just a discussion.

    Last, but not least, I am one of the poor sods who have to work on Monday *sniff. BUT! I'm going to Spain for a week the following weekend, so I'll survive ;)

  3. Hate HATE jumping. I always failed at Thaddius unless I was on my Priest and even then I managed to fail sometimes :'<

  4. You make me all curious about which blog you were mentioning, hehe. I don't think I've actually seen a genuine blog war before, I must be reading the wrong ones.
    I can say as much that there is one blogger I myself dislike, but I've made a habit out of avoiding their blog, keeps my mood in a better place overall :)

  5. @ Anon. Yeah maybe that's what it is. I've never played a platform game in my life!

    @ Saga - Spain, week after next? What a coincidence... I fly there on the 12th...!

    @ Jae - glad it's not just me :) And I was always on my priest...!

    @ Ironyca - I'm impresed you've not seen one. I think I've seen too many :( but never been involved in one!