Wednesday, 4 May 2011

20 Days of Warcraft Redux - A Regular Day

Hold on to your hats - it's Day 12 (I'm finkin' I missed a few somewhere along the way) of Saga's Challenge! Because I'm determined to make this post longer than a few sentences I'm going to treat you all to the *thrills and spills of 'A Day in the Life of Pilf-the-Housewife-Extraordinaire'

5.45am  Alarm goes off.  Himself rolls over and swipes at it until silence reigns once more.

6am  Alarm goes off again.  I drag myself out of bed and stagger to the kitchen.  Usually manage to fill kettle up and get coffee made on first go.  Occasionally I am outwitted by the kettle not being plugged in and so it takes even longer for caffeine to get into my bloodstream.  Am thankful that we decided to drink less 'proper coffee'.  I love, adore and worship my Gaggia expresso maker (it's red and shiny!) but the co-ordination it requires is a bit beyond me first thing in the morning... Pack Himself's lunch (yes, I am that devoted!) and make Himself toast and marmite or bagels and cream cheese (please refer to previous point re levels of devotion) for brekkie. Eat banana (my brekkie).

6.15am  Drink coffee in companionable near-silence with Himself whilst we sit side by side browsing our Reader.  Point out posts of interest to each other.  Pick up emails that have appeared over night (usually whilst on the balcony having the first of many cigarettes.)

6.30am  Kiss Himself goodbye as he leaves for work.  Drink more coffee.

7am  Wake up Daughter and sort out her brekkie/homework/ school uniform/any other crisis that didn't exist at 9pm last night but now does.

8am  Kiss Daughter goodbye as she leaves for school.  Occasionally get a kiss or a hug in return.

8.10am  Load dishwasher and washing machine.  Drink more coffee.  Smoke more cigarettes.

9am - 12noon Choose options from the following:  Try to Study.  Panic about essay deadline.  Swear at the idiocy of sociology modules. Reply to emails.  Think about blog posts.  Play some Rift/WoW.  Potter around doing household chores/cleaning /de-kippling/ironing/shopping etc.  Drink lots of coffee.  Smoke more.  Deal with phone calls from "the computer company" and try not to lose temper at blatant (and time consuming) lies designed to make me hand over credit card details (favourite response to this was Himself, before I lived with him, asking "the computer company" to tell him which colour his ethernet cable was "because I don't know which one it is"...)  Catch up with friends.  Write blog posts.  Panic about wedding stuff.  Read trashy novels. 


12.30 - 3.30pm (approx)  As 9am - 12noon.

4pm  Himself and Daughter arrive home from work and school respectively.  Catch up on the day.

5pm  Cook Daughter supper.

6pm  Cook Himself and myself supper. 

7pm  Eat supper (with Himself on balcony in the evening sun whilst looking at the sea /flex) and chat.

8pm  Either watch film or go WoWing/Rifting!  

If WoWing pick from the following options:  Log onto guilded alt and chat.  Log onto unguilded alt and quest.  Decide you want to go gathering so put appropriate music on and go flower-picking or mining.  Heft heavy bags to AH and try to strike a balance between ripping people off (I twitch (for no good reason, Himself would add) at putting stacks of briarthorn up for 50g) and almost giving stuff away. Try to remember if you're on an RP or PvE realm and price green gear accordingly.  Log onto high level character briefly then log off again.  Log onto Pilfkin, tell her you still love her and log off again.   Decide whether you really need yet another alt. Try to convince yourself to roll a hunter.   Chide yourself for seeing bugger-all content post-80 and resolve to do Something About This. 

If Rifting pick from the following options: Log onto Defiant character in the 20-ish bracket. Log onto lowbie alt.  Log onto main (with Faebulous the fairy!) and remember how many levels you have before you get your satyr.  Log off in a sulk.  Go gathering.  Swear that the economy is still flat and try to decide whether to hold onto crafting mats for an as yet undefined time on the basis that eventually they'll be worth something or just to flog them for a few gold.  Go to creation screen and make another High Elf.  Log into Guardian start area, realise you are a fantasy cliché and log off.  Sulk. Fiddle with character creation screen for... a while.  Try to convince yourself that you will play something other than a mage or a cleric.  Chuckle at excessive self-delusion. 

10pm Bedtime... (wiggles eyebrows suggestively...)

Sometime after 10pm...  Sleep.  

*Ok, there aren't many thrills.  And the spills tend to be of a coffee related nature.  Also this is an average weekday.  Also I do do stuff like use the toilet and have baths (not like, multiple baths in a day.  Just bath.  Singular. One a day.) and scratch my head and fiddle with my hair and paint my nails and... yeah, you get the picture - amirite? 

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