Friday, 20 May 2011

20 Days of Warcraft Redux - People You Admire

From Saga's meme of awesome (which I continue to find hugely enjoyable, both in terms of writing and reading other people's responses to) comes Day... erm... 13.  Because I missed some out.  So this is clearly about WoW people, as opposed to people I admire IRL, as it were.  I've kind of been mulling this one over for a few days now, and trying to think about how I'd actually write it, because it could turn into quite a long list. 

Starting with the obvious then - bloggers.
I have a huge admiration, as I think most people do, for fellow bloggers. Anyone who is willing to sit down and spend time and effort committing their thoughts to (virtual) paper, for the entire world to read (should they choose to) deserves respect.  The people you see on my blogroll are the ones I enjoy reading.  Because I'm a bit tardy at reviewing my blogroll regularly there are  a few that are missing.  Ahem. They are in my Reader though...  Jaedia (welcome back - huzzah!) should clearly be on there.  As should Mortigan (also huzzah for a returned blogger!)  I miss Jong and not just because he was a belf with awesome hair... really!) who used to make me howl with laughter and regularly spit coffee over my screen and keyboard. I really, really miss Jong *sniffles*.  Also Oath (where are you?? Come back...) again, not *just* for being a belf with good hair.  Ahem.  I seem to see a theme developing...

Moving on from belf adoration (wow, that's something I thought I'd never write) into what is fondly known in the Pilf Household as the 'blogging circle of lurve'.  Saga and Jae (you've had linkies already my darlings!), Kam, Ama, Jen, Alq and Seph. Himself, who I'm desperately trying NOT to link to, for writing a blog that's always challenging and a great deal different to mine. And for being the source of inspiration for more of my blog posts than I've ever given him credit for (see darling, I kept schtum, aren't I good?)  It's a REAL joy to live not only with someone I adore (obviously) but with a bloke who's a fellow gamer AND a fellow blogger.  There ya go, gush over. 

Additionally, I have a huge admiration for Tobold for both his blogging output and the intelligence of his posts, and the discussions these create.  The Girls Gone WoW posse get a credit for their podcast and commitment (Syl, I will get in touch re guesting when  life just calms down fractionally!) Gaz for his blog, which is both a thing of beauty and a wonderful, intelligent read. Pewter for her... I want to say bravery, but I'm not sure it's exactly what I mean.  Pewter has the drive and the confidence to write about controversial subjects that she feels passionate about, and stay calm and rational.  As I'm unable to do this, I'm in awe of it.   In a different vein, I have to say I do admire (which is NOT the same as like) Gevlon, partially for his output, but more for his seemingly unshakable 'fuck you all, I'm right'-ness.  Which charms me and irks me in equal measures.

The people who makes things tick - officers and GMs
As we all know, they're the often unsung heroes and heroines of Azeroth.  Having officered for some time, I can attest to the drive and commitment that can often change the slant of the game for these people.  I'd NEVER, in a million years, want to wear a GM cap.  Ever.  But gods I'm glad that people do.  I've not always gotten on, on a personal level, with my various GMs, but I've always, but always respected them. 

Azeroth folks - the good (and bad) guys and gals
I can't admire Thrall at the moment.  Sorry, but he's poncing around in the Maelstrom looking like a hippy whilst Garrosh thuds around grunting.  Bah.  I'm loving Vol'jin though.  I blame Himself for opening my mind to the way of the troll.  God, I hope that he eventually opens a can of whoopass on Garrosh (Vol'jin, I hasten to add, not Himself.) Sylvanas *swoons*.  Don't care that she's evil, don't care that she's a scheming, plotting bitch.  I think she's wonderful.  Lor'themar.  Yeah, you know me well enough by now that I don't have to explain this - amirite?  Good. And I'm pleased that Tyrande and Malfurion have been reunited.  I do love a happy ending.

I did say it would be a long list.  I'm sure that I've missed people off and I'll later think 'd'oh!  What about so-and-so?' so if you think you should be here... you probably should.  Have a cookie and know that you're loved.


  1. awwwww. I'm bad at taking compliments well, so I'm just going to say thank you and leave it at that :)

  2. Yay, I'm in the "blogging circle of lurve" (best name ever)!

    I'm with you on Sylvanas. I don't care that she seems to be off her rocker this expansion, I just absolutely love her. I'm considering making a horde alt to do Silverpine just to see the supposedly awesome quest line involving her there! (and maybe Plaguelands later on)

  3. @ Pewter. Oh... um... *goes a bit fangirl*. Thanks for stopping by :)

    @ Saga - of couse you are! Where else would you be other than in the blogging circle of lurve? And god! If you haven't done the new Forsaken stuff go and do it. Now!! But you need (IMO) to go right from the start zone all the way through to Arathi to really appreciate it. And to appreciate the awesomeness of Johnny Awesome and Orkus. Seriously, I really urge you to do this. It's just wonderful!

  4. Awww Pilf. Your blogs (yes, I think I've seen and followed most of them) have always moved me. You write fantastically and from the heart and I love reading your stuff. Keep going! You're an inspiration :) Hugs.

  5. Aww Seph *blush*. Thank you! And may I say that it was nice to see a post from you pop up in my reader. I missed you *hugs back*

  6. Oh wow, thankyou so much for your kind words! I'm always surprised that people like what I've made :) Intelligent though? Never!

  7. Aww! Am very honoured (and happy!) to be one of those mentioned in the blogging circle of lurve *hugs*!