Thursday, 7 April 2011

You're not in Kansas anymore, baby!

Because I loathe and despise Kharanos (apologies to all who don't - but seriously - what is WRONG with you?) I've taken Pilfette to the human-lands, where I've historically levelled all (but my Draenei) characters when I've played Alliance side.  I'm still chuffed to bits with the insane amounts of flight-paths that have been added - I'm not 100% sure that the run from Goldshire to Stormwind was so tedious that it really required the ability to fly from one to the other, but nevermind.  Goldshire, in the main, is pretty similar to how I remember it. I'm still required to rob kobolds, for reasons which remain unclear; the dearth of gold dust and candles hasn't ever really been explained... at least not to me.  They still need logs at the Eastvale camp, and the wolves and bears continue to be a menace.  Ok, all pretty standard stuff.

Then I got the quest that requires me to go and have words with Hogger, and massacre the general gnoll populace en route.  So there I was, smiting away (ok Hogger, you might be bigger than me, but I'm a disc priest.  I can (and will) bore you to death if that's what's required) when out of nowhere charge representatives from the Stormwind posse.  What?  Why can't I kill Hogger?  He's got one hit point left!  ONE point - lemme finish the job already!  But, no.  Not this time.  This time they take Hogger into custody and transport him off to The Stockades.  Now this is one of the times where I'm SO pleased that I hadn't read all the Cata spoiler stuff, because I didn't know this!  So it gave me IMMENSE joy.  And then I rushed off to WowHead to confirm that YES!! Hogger is now the final boss in the Stocks!  Win, win and some win-sauce!

So after this joy, it's only right and proper that I come back down to earth with a thud in Westfall.  Horse-icide and CSI moments aside, Westfall is now Not Nice.  Varian really appears to be a bit of a tosser right now.  I don't like the quantity of drifters and vagrants, and I really don't like the poor children who appear every time you've killed someone and rob the body.  That's just... nasty and unsettling.  But.... Oh but I do like the shadowy (female) figure who's up to No Good.  God, I want it to be Jaina.  Please, please, please let it be Jaina (it's ok, l I know it isn't... But dammit - that would be cool, wouldn't it!)  I've only just started in the zone... so you'll have to forgive the short post... but I really want to go back and find out how it plays out.  And that's what really makes me happy - that wanting to play, not to level up, but because I want to unravel the plot...


  1. Ugh I'm going into Kharanos with my dwarf now... I really don't like it, but I want to read a bit about the story there. I'm insane. Maybe I should level somewhere else to make it fun.

  2. You are so gonna LOVE Westfall :) I re-did it with Seph just to find out about my favourite horse - Blanchy and it was a wonderful experience. Continuing on to Lakeshire was fun as well :)

  3. Blogger ate this comment the first time, trying again....

    I knew that Hogger would be the new final boss of Stockades, but I'd assumed that the quest to deal with him in Elwynn Forest would have been removed. So I was totally surprised by the event with Jonathan Marcus. The best part, though, was the response of the Marshal in Goldshire (forgive me, I don't remember his name) when you give him the news -- "oh, great, now there's a bloodthirsty monster under the streets of Stormwind, I feel safer already." LOL!

    Westfall was a heartbreaking zone. The worst part was realizing that if you never went outside of Stormwind, if you never went to Westfall, you'd never even know that such awful things had happened to the lower classes of Stormwind during the war in Northrend. I do wonder, though, why there isn't any evidence of the passage of these poor displaced people through Elwynn Forest on their way from Stormwind to Westfall.