Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Dynamite comes in small packages!

Having given quite so much love to * whispers* Rift recently, and gotten halfway through a post (which I will eventually finish) about raiding, I figured that before I started writing about WoW again, I should really like, play it!  So I had a think about what I wanted to do and decided that actually I'd kinda like to catch up with my old guild... that's where a lot of the people that I originally played with are still playing and though they're pretty srsbznz nowadays I figured (correctly) that they'd probably have a slot on their guild roster for lil' ol' me (and I was right - huzzah).  I also realised that this would require me to be (stinky) Alliance so I decided that at least I'd be cute... and Pilfette the gnome priest was born.

She is just darling, and the gnome starter area is all shades of awesome.  I was a bit busy gossiping catching up with all the old crew, so I died... a few times.  But what really caught me was how, having not played for a few weeks, and more than that, having played something else instead, how out of practice I was.  Daft as it sounds I really had to think about what I was doing!  And, you know, baby priests aren't exactly complex to play: shield, SW:P, smite.  How hard can it be?  Well, the map was different, the interface was different, there was a cogwheel not a hand, I had to think more. And that's the biggest difference.  I hadn't taken in quite how much Rift spoon-feeds you stuff.  I'd gotten used to not really having to engage my brain much - the map really takes you by the hand and leads you to where you need to go (much more so than WoW does, believe it or not) and it just required me to engage much more of my brain than I was used to.  Plus I don't appear to have talents (sulk) nor can I have a mount until I reach 20... Bah!  But all (tongue in cheek) comparisons aside, it did feel nice to be back in Azeroth.

I haven't played priests since... well, since before Cata so I gather it's all changed a bit.  Like, holy is now a viable levelling build??  So I'm torn between holy and disc.  I figured that I'd try and not take the easy route of shadow until I'd really given one of the other specs a decent shot.

So wish me luck as I again venture into Azeroth...

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  1. Welcome back to Azeroth :) I'm still torn between Rift and WoW. I unsubscribed to Rift now and will play WoW again for a month. I wish I had the time to play 2 mmo's :/ but I'm horrible with time management.