Monday, 11 April 2011

Come here so I can bite your ankles.

So this whole 'being a gnome' thing is the exact opposite of the 'being a Tauren thing' and I don't just mean the faction.  The issues I have with Tauren; the fact that they seem to be loping along in slow-mo, which I can't handle, translates to gnomes, except that gnomes move in this coked-up fast-forwarded pace, like a child who's OD'd on E numbers and sugar, and the world is big.  Really extra-ordinarily HUGE.  The gnolls in Westfall tower above me like bloody skyscrapers - I'm glad I'm a caster class so I don't have the ignominy (see that - that was a pune, or  a play on words!  And *huggles* if you knew the reference without needing to follow the link) of having to savage their ankles with a sword or something... But she's soooooooooo cute.  And she has freckles.

I've got there, with the big 'who is this mysterious lady' reveal, and it was nicely done.  Mind you, I spent about an hour traipsing around the tunnels leading towards the Deadmines dungeon entrance being thoroughly... directionally challenged.  I am teh fail.  It's official.  But the black and white film noir cut-scene was worth it, as was the revenge (mwahahah)  Having been sent off to Stormwind with orders to report to Varian, whilst she razes Westfall to the ground,  I kinda felt like I was on her side.  Especially when I saw what he'd done to his castle.  Tosser. I've still got some quests to finish up there, I suspect, despite being at the upper end, level wise, for them.

My guild (as in the guild that I'm in, not 'my' guild...) has recently reached guild level 23 which is kind of cool.  They have a multitude of perks (most of which are utterly inapplicable to me due to my guild rep being at neutral and the fact that I'm only level 16) but they have the additional xp one which does knock on to me.  Grr.  Even without BoAs I'm still exceeding the content level. I know I've ranted about this before (and if I could be bothered I'd link the post) but it does annoy me that there isn't an off-switch for additional xp.  Especially as all the stuff is new Alliance side, and I'd quite like to actually see it... Le sigh.

It's nice being guilded, though.  I'm very much on their coattails; with them, but not of them, if you see what I mean, but I'm ok with that.  Familiar names and jokes are nice.  The main-character-shuffle is a bit confusing but I'm getting there.  One of the funny little marks of the 'old school' crew is how people are still referred to by their original character names, despite the fact that they probably haven't played them in a few years.  I will always be Pilf (and actually that's ok, as I'm now Pilfette) but Kin remains Kin, despite his namesake warrior having been no more than his bank alt for years, Eve is Eve despite the DK (I think) having been deleted.  Bob is Bob despite the retirement of his warrior.  You get the picture.  I've gotten my vent running and I can still easily pick out voices I haven't heard in a year or more.  But I'm kinda avoiding voice chat.  I don't want to get dragged into the game being my life again, and automatically firing up voice chat along with the game is a sure way to make that happen for me.

The oddness, though, lies in being on a PvE realm again.  Lore?  Pshaww... What do you want to bother with that for?  Character traits?  Yawhatnow?  Quote:  Pilf, stop being one of those weird RPers and just go back to being you.  What if I stopped being 'me' in-game a while back?  What if being my 'character' is now the norm? Huh? It's a strange headspace - neither fish nor fowl, as it were.  I'm sure that eventually I'll slot back to being the Pilf that they know and recognise, but it might take some time!

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  1. You probably have this already, but just in case: In Prat (the chat addon) there are a couple of useful things for managing alts.

    Provided you have the (from memory, possibly wrong) altNames module enabled, if I've added "Theanorak's alt" to the guild note for a given character, then Prat will show my comment as

    [datestuff] Centrella (Theanorak): Blah blah blah.

    Of course that relies on people putting text in that format in their guildnote, but you can also rightclick on names in the chatbox and manually assign a "main" by typing in some text. Very handy for keeping track of altoholics, it is.

    1, 2, a-1, 2, many, lots.