Friday, 8 April 2011

20 Days of Warcraft Redux - My Desk

Ok, here comes Day 6 in Saga's (horribly neglected by me) Challenge. Gods, I've seen some of the other responses to this, along with pictures of shiny, ordered desks and... yeah.  Part of the sitting room in our flat bears a striking resemblance to a LAN party... We have, like, Daddy-Bear, Mummy-Bear and Baby-Bear computers and our desk(s) are usually chaos!  No I'm not being falsely critical, they're a state... see:

No modesty here folks - this is me, warts and all!  I actually did a count the other day, to see how many (working) points of access we had to the interwebz and came up with 8.  For 3 people.  Methinks that's a trifle excessive...?

When I moved in with Himself his desk was in the bedroom and mine was out here.  Then we realised that basically, that's kinda anti-social.  We moved in together to actually spend time together (whereby 'spending time together' is defined as being in the same room, communing with the interwebz, ok?) so we re-arranged the sitting room so we could at least sit elbow to elbow and... talk.  It works well actually, and sometimes we're  a proper geek family, as daughter will be doing her homework on the laptop next to me.  More usually she's in her bedroom with music blaring communing with Facebook via her netbook... i.e. the default state of teenagers everywhere.

I'm realising, as I write this, that I'm totally procrastinating.  I have the Parental Visit tomorrow (that's right...) so clearly, I should be making concerted attempts to lessen the chaos, rather than blogging in a pseudo-proud way about it!  So yeah... happy Friday people, and have a fabulous weekend.  I'll be spending Sunday watching my utterly MAD sister run a marathon and thanking god that it isn't me!

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