Wednesday, 13 April 2011

20 Days of Warcraft Redux - First Blogpost

Hmm this one is kinda straightforward.  My first post on Moar Alts was about the hunter class (!), odd really, as I don't play hunters.  Ahem. It makes me laugh because, at that point, I was singularly determined to actually level one.  Unsurprisingly, I didn't manage it.

My first post on a joint WoW blog with my ex is here.  Man it took me some time to find that blog...  But it was nice to re-read it.  Good guild memories.

My sadly neglected ficlet's blog's first post is here.

And the first post of my most recently started blog is here. I'm enjoying having a blog that I can throw my thoughts into, without feeling like I 'should' be writing about a specific topic.  And that does free up Moar Alts to remain (vaguely) WoW focused, so those of you that don't want all my RL nonsense don't have to sit through (too much of) it.

I hope that's enough firsts for y'all...

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