Sunday, 17 April 2011

20 Days of Warcraft Redux - Bad Habits & Flaws

Are you sitting comfortably?  Then I'll begin... What?  Oh, ok.  Apparently this refers to in-game flaws.  Not RL ones.  *Phew, you got off lightly there...

I have commitment issues
I make and murder delete alts so regularly that I often need to check whether the name that I want to use is currently in use by an 'alive' alt.  The trouble is, I'm only really happy playing casters, preferably casters who can heal... I try to convince myself (sometimes) that I could play, y'know, melee, but then I realise that that involves standing up close and actually thwacking stuff... Euch.

I'm permanently broke
Because of the alt situation I have daft sums of gold and bags in transit between characters.  And I still often delete alts without having sold/mailed everything to another character. Which is quite stupid, after 6 years of playing the game.  I'm just also really bad at making gold.  I hate feeling like I'm gouging people (because I'm a moronic social no doubt) and when I was guilded and had a high level alchemist I spent my life taking flasks, potions, etc to raids rather then selling them.  I also CBA with addons like Auctioneer.  Basically, I have no-one to blame but myself (but that doesn't stop me whinging about never being able to afford a chopper...)

I'm a bit 'all or nothing'
Which kinda screws me up when I raid. And is the reason that I don't bother nowadays.  I expect 100% of myself, all the time, so mistakes that I wouldn't even notice, if they were made by someone else, give me excuse for epic levels of self-flagellation (not as fun as it sounds... honestly!)

Sometimes I want to be sociable, other times I want people to leave me the f*ck alone...
Which can be hard work for my in-game friends.  I used to just need to be guilded, WoW was where so much of my social interaction came from that I was utterly incapable of playing without friendly green text scrolling past me.  Then when my guild stuff went... back-asswards I wanted to be left alone, dammit, to do things my way.  Nowadays I hover in between.  I loved being guilded with SAN and I like the fact that I've now returned, in a low-key way, to my original guild.  That said, I have many, many alts (!) that aren't guilded, and won't be.  I do find now, with guild levelling, that it's bloody hard to play unguilded, as I seem to be spammed by guild invite whispers... The oddest thing is, despite Himself and I getting started (as it were) via the medium of WoW we don't, and haven't ever (other than 10 minutes with some spacegoats and a few dungeons with our paladins) played together.  We play companionably, often on the same server, sitting elbow to elbow at desks, but we have very little (if any) interaction in-game.

I want the world to be full of rainbows and I really dislike confrontation
I often feel like the imp, why can't we all just get along?  This carries into RL too - I really hate conflict and even being on the peripherals of it upsets me.  It's the reason I wasn't that great at officer-dom - my instinct is to soothe and to agree (then often regret), rather than being able to be a bit more strong and upfront.  It's the 'man up princess' syndrome.  And I fail at it.  I want everyone to be happy, whilst knowing that it's impossible to please all of the people, all of the time.  And I really struggle to understand why people are ok with being rude, to utter strangers as well as people they know.  I get banter and in-jokes and mockery... with people you know, but I never understand how people think it's acceptable with being asshats to strangers.

*list subject to change and updates without notice or prejudice...

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