Thursday, 17 March 2011

So here we are (again)

Following on from yesterday's post, I decided to bite the bullet and have a 'non-WoW' blog.  I always feel kind of guilty when I write about non-gaming related stuff here (in fact I feel guilty when I write about non-WoW related stuff here) but I want to write it somewhere.  It's not polished (not even close to being so) and the writing is the same.  Unpolished and unanalyzed (actually, it's probably over-analyzed...)  Minimally compliant.  Hey - I have the mind of a belf... what else can you expect?  Oh yeah - it's tangled, neurotic and generally Quixotic

I'm not going anywhere (other than Telara...) so /moar alts isn't closing up shop - not by a long way, but I want to get back into the habit of writing.  But without the rigidity of a 'themed' blog.  There won't be WoW-related posts there, those will remain here, so don't feel obliged to drop by, but if I'm quiet here and you're wondering if I'm still around... come visit and *wave*? 


  1. *stalks*

    Could I suggest another font for Quixotic, though? For me the current one borders on unreadable.

  2. Having a non-limited theme blog is wonderful. The silly markety type bloggers who are all "NEEDS MORE NICHE" are silly. I love my Rant Page now that I've given it a tad more body than "whatever, yeah?" Though, I spose, it's not that much different from those days ;) so welcome to the club, will add you to the blogroll when I remember, because I'm stupid. (aren't ya glad I decided to check my feedreader for once? :p)

    I do agree with Jen though, that font is lovely, but it's difficult to read in big chunks. Would be ideal for a header image though!

  3. @ Jen - fixed (I hope!) Let me know if this is better?

    @ Jae - yeah it's kinda what I need at the moment - a bit of freeing up, as it were, and I've fixed the font (I did love it but I admit it's not the easiest to read!)

  4. Getting yourself a place to write about whatever strikes your fancy, without limiting yourself to any one topic, sounds like a great idea to me! I've bookmarked it :)

  5. Yay, love the new font! As Jaedia said, the first one was nice too, just in smaller chunks :P