Thursday, 3 March 2011

SM (No, not *that* SM...)

 *Before Himself and myself vanished off into the fashionable (*ducks*) wastes of [whispers] Rift, we did an instance on our paladins.  Again, just the two of us - Himself being tank and some dps, me being heals and some dps.  We figured that we were mid 30s (well, I was.  Himself was 29) so we should give the Monastery a shot and we were pretty surprised by how well we did.  Graveyard - cake.  Library - Loksey was more like... umm... something that is far removed from cake.  Brussel sprouts maybe?  Anyways, he was a hard cookie, and just blatted (with the help of his puppies) Himself into a pulp,  so Himself went off and gained a few levels.  When he reached 31 we came back.  Loksey - meet the stone floor.  Doan - a smear on the carpet.  Herod?  Well I'm not too sure who was more bored, him or us but we one shotted him as well.  By god he does rather go on about his blades of light... I'm not 100% certain that he isn't compensating for something I'd rather not think too hard about.  We decided that the Cathedral might be pushing it some so we stopped there, but it does give rise to an interesting question.

If two of us, at approximately the 'correct' level for the instance, in non-heirloom gear can two man this - what must it be like in a five man?  I remember, from my dim and distant past, that SM was kinda... hard.  The trash is still irksome in that they run at low health, and if you're not lucky they come back with many friends, but we solved that by Himself HoJ'ing them and me having my insta-cast exorcism ticking over for a final smack when necessary (and Himself 'reminding' me that one was about to run...)  We also went slow.  Himself is an old school tank inasmuch as he goes carefully, pulls trash back into a cleared room, LoS casters and generally tanks in a vanilla/BC manner.  All of which is fine by me - I'd always rather take 30 seconds to set up pulls then to Leroy it in and wipe.  He's also deeply commanding when tanking... Mmm.  Sorry, where was I? Yeah, 2 man vs 5 man.  Mad huh?  And, y'know, I'm not a very good player.  My ability to heal (even just myself and one other person) and be aware of... other stuff happening is bad.  Himself, bless him, marked which one he was hitting so I could just tab to star at an appropriate moment to blat rather than actually having to be on the ball.  Poor Himself...

So.... where does that leave the dps?  The whole thing would have been quicker with dps, for certain, but would it have been less hassle?  If it was people I knew then of course it would have been fine, but if it was PuG players?  I dunno... I know that they would have driven Himself nuts (and he them, most probably) if they were from the 'gogogogo' school of thought.  Its an interesting experiment this, and I wonder how far we'll get before we have to admit that we do need dps to get somewhere...!

*Just to be clear - this post is not, I repeat: NOT about me bragging about being leet.  I'm not.  At all.  Ever.  Even when I was raiding I was the girl that went along because people liked her and she made them laugh. I never raided because I had mad skillz.  I have never been, and will never be elite.  Are we clear?  Good!

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  1. I admittedly haven't tried any of the lower level instances since Cataclysm (I eventually intend to level something, I just don't know what or where or when!), but from what I'm hearing and reading they are fairly steamroll.

    If you can do it with 2 people I guess there's both pros and cons. Basically it will take longer, but you also don't have rude people to contend with, or hunters who ninja pull (why is it always hunters?) or really any of those annoying things.

    I guess in the end, you choose time vs convenience and see what fits you better :) (And it will be interesting to see at which point you feel you *have* to bring dps along with you!)