Wednesday, 16 March 2011

I am not a-mused.

Oh muse, oh muse, why hast thou forsaken me?

Probably because I'm not gaming much at present, either in Azeroth or Telara.  I do go through these burnout phases reasonably regularly, as those who've read this blog for sometime know.  I have phases when I post (nearly) every day and phases when I post every week at best.  It's intensely frustrating... It's nearly frustrating enough for me to start a non-gaming blog, because when I'm not gaming I'm not writing and I miss writing.  I miss it so much, seriously, I do.  Himself used to voice his awe that I could churn out a post almost daily, but the reason I did was because it's the writing process I love.  The game itself is almost a 'prompt' of sorts, a creative solution to writers block, if you will.  Maybe I should just keep a non-WoW blog as well, to keep me in the 'habit' of writing... I dunno... Bah.

Kam, who is a darling, in general, and in the specific because of this, has challenged me to write what I call a ficlet, and what she calls a vignette, about one of my characters, either in Azeroth or Telara - probably, because as I've mentioned, she's lovely and realises that I need something to gee me up and get me back into the writing mold again.  So I logged on to my Rift characters, some of whom I'm having fun with, but they're just... pixels.  They aren't anywhere near having personalities, and because I'm nowhere near to getting my head round Telara lore I'm struggling on both fronts!  So I took a (very) deep breath and logged onto Pilf.  And it was... odd.  It wasn't helped, admittedly, by accidentally (because I'm a klutz) hitting my friends list shortcut and being faced with a load of Erc's characters who I'll never see logged onto the game again. That didn't help at all, as you can probably imagine.  But odd because I just can't seem to 'connect' with her at the moment.  I re-read my old posts and think 'Dammit, I used to be able to write!  What in the hell happened?'  But that's hardly constructive either.

All of which is a long way of saying - how do y'all deal with writers block? (Or whatever you want to call it) because, right now, I need some time off from weddings and study, I need some downtime, some time to do stuff for me, and writing used to be that outlet. All suggestions welcomed and appreciated...!


  1. Aww, Pilf, I didn't mean to make you feel even more stressed out. ((hug)) I mostly meant it as something for you to let simmer in the back of your brain until it was ready to bubble forth on its own. Please don't feel pressured to write something quickly just for my sake.

    I've just spent an hour or two going through all of the "Know Your Lore" posts at WoW Insider, bookmarking them, and sorting them into folders (tauren lore, troll lore, and so forth) for later reading. Reading up on the lore is, I suppose, a form of studying, but at least it's *fun* studying, and it might get those creative juices flowing a bit again.

  2. Writing is easy. All you have to do is stare at the blank page (screen) until drops of blood form on your forehead.

    I may yet have that tattooed on me...

  3. @ Kam - aww I know you didn't :) And I didn't (and don't) view it as pressure from you... It's pressure from *me*!

    @ Pulse - fancy purchasing that as a wedding present for me? And weekend of 14/15 May - possibly a trip up to The Highlands for Himself and I...?

  4. Back then when I was writing fanfiction for several anime shows (yeah, go on, mock me...) and I found myself blocked I would start transcribing episodes from memory. At some point the muse always showed up and hit me with the Hammer of Inspiration (it always made that very distinkt *wonk* sound...). I think the most important part of overcoming a writer's block for me is just get my fingers moving.