Tuesday, 1 March 2011


Having had time to calm down after my rant, and also feeling ashamed after reading Sven's well-balanced and thoughtful The Drunkard's Walk post, I thought that I'd try Rift again - thought progression below:

  • Arse! The Mac client is crap so Himself has to dual-boot the Mac and make it run Windows.  
  • Feed Mac cupcakes to try to compensate for this level of abuse.
  • Character creation is beyond gorgeous.  Ohhh /strokes screen and gets staticky...
  • Waste hours playing with hair and make-up.  Nothing new there then...
  • Finally I have character exactly how I want her.  Daughter has insisted her hair matches hers. 
  • Log into game.  
  • Ohhhhhh shiny graphics are shiny. 
  • Yay for interface that I understand.
  • Yay for being able to just play! 
  • Having three talent trees makes my brain ache.
  • Pick spells that look shiny... in an evil way. 
  • I am not a 'good' cleric.
  • Wtf is my rotation supposed to be? /whimper 
  • Oh I have mail.  Ohhhhhh mail contains two-headed turtle mount of awesomesauce. 
  • Mounts at level 5 are kinda cool...
  • Rifts are weird.  I start beating things up and suddenly people join me and wtf I'm in a raid group?
  • General chat is full of the inevitable WoW comparisons.
  • God the graphics are amazing. 
  • Rifts are cool.  Wish I knew what to do with the thingys I earn though.
  • Gathering.  I can understand gathering. 
  • I appear to be a combination of a paladin, warlock and shadow priest.
  • I'm confused.
  • I don't understand death. 
  • It's still exceedingly pretty.
  • I might need to L2P.
  • FINALLY my legs, stomach, chest and arms are covered by believable armour! 
  • (This armour is less shiny.  This is a good thing...)

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  1. Clerics are AMAZING. :) I admit that I rolled a Sentinel/Purifier because I can burn things with fire and heal at the same time...sometimes with fire! lol...I am so loving Rift.

    I probably spend 15 minutes in character creation just getting the face exactly right. It's kind of a grown-up version of paper dolls, I love it.