Saturday, 5 March 2011

Blog Azeroth Shared Topic - Favourite Weapon!

Yay for Blog Azeroth's shared topic this week!  And yay for Kallixta for starting it!   What is your favourite weapon in-game? As opposed to favourite weapon out of game, which would possibly make an even more interesting blog post.  Himself: his look of utter boredom and scathing disdain for the world around him.  Daughter: her switchblade attitude.  Mine.... umm... probably (if I can still do it) my 'walk away now girlie/sonny' look - utilised to great effect in my previous incarnation as manager of a pub... Not sure I can still do it though *sniffle* - either that or Himself and Daughter are just immune to it... 

I guess for me, and I'm sure that this won't come as too much of a shock here, it's got to be Benediction slash Anathema. I wrote about the actual stuff that you go through to get it back in April (*boggles*) last year (jaysus that's a long time ago now!) and I'm still damn proud of it.  Partially because that quest was hard.  And I guess more poignantly now, since The Sundering/Shattering, I'm not sure whether you can still get it.  Does Molten Core still exist?  I know that The Plaguelands have been revamped so maybe the entire quest has gone?  The one thing I'd have loved to have gotten was the Tier 1 (or was it Tier 0.5?) set as well - the first set of 'proper' priesty stuff to go with it.  But that would have been utterly bonkers and I'm not sure that there were enough willing souls to go through that havoc with me...! My soulcloth vest and soothsayer's kilt work well with it though, as does the mooncloth robe. Goodness me - this post is turning into a 'let's play dress-up' post... Apologies.

Of course, its all tied up in Pilf as well; how I played her, how she 'felt' to me, how 'real' she was.  I had so many 'firsts' with her, and learnt so much about the RP side of the game.  She was with me through a period of huge change in my life and there was so much of me in her, and vice versa, that I've basically rendered her unplayable now; a fact which never fails to sadden me a little.  I wouldn't change a thing mind you - she got me to where I am now, you see.  Destination Beautiful.   And that's where I want to be. 

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