Saturday, 12 March 2011

20 Day of Warcraft Redux - Favourite Item

So Saga's meme brings me as far as Day 5 - Favourite Item In-Game.  Last time I tried to do this one I was in the midst of packing up my house and I couldn't face it, but tonight, as insomnia bites and I'm feeling a bit wistful (for reasons I can't really identify) I thought I'd try it again.  But, like the WoW Memories, there are a fair few, so picking just one... nuh-uh.  I'm going to have to fudge it.  Again.

Oddly enough, there are parallels with the packing I was doing.  Every so often I'd come across something, shoved in the back of a cupboard, in a box, on a shelf that made me stop and have a 'moment'.  Not because any of it was valuable in real terms, but because it had a memory attached to it.  And this is very much how I feel about the items I like most in-game.  The stuff that clutters up my bank(s) because I can't bear to get rid of it.  My warlock, for example, still has the bell, wheel and candle items for the Dreadsteed quest. Or, at least, I think she does.  As the quests are now obsolete maybe they're not in my bank anymore.  Who knows...?

Shadrynne has the Vampiric Batling from Prince Mirkblood (an additional boss in Kara during the pre-WotLK zombie-fest.) She's probably got the most... stuff as I played her so much.  She certainly has the pets I love: the Sinister Squashling, and boy did Lady RNG hate me, I think it took me two years to get it *sad face*, the Captured Flame, Pengu, Snarly.  You get the picture.  She does love her pets. Anything that needed a rep grind to get, Shad's got it.  Mounts as well, the green proto-drake, the talbuks (in every colour mind you.) She's even got a zebra. I still have various candies in the bank from old guildies. And I can probably tell you which one was from whom... She was also my raiding darling so she's got masses of old tier gear stashed away. 

And Pilf.  Pilf has so much stuff that I can't bear to get rid of that she's badly in need of a vanity guild so I can have moar space.  Each of her outfits has resonance for me - the outfit she wore to SAN's fishing extravaganza (that won her a prize!) which is the same one that she wore when she was offered drugs. There's her mooncloth robe that was a rep grind to get the pattern for...but got Himself (before he was Himself, so to speak) to Silvermoon to admire, which led to this robe, (more suitable for the beach dahling!) which led to this. She also has the white turkey

However... If I have to pick a favourite in-game... thing... I pick Pilf.  No pause for thought, no competition. 

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