Monday, 28 March 2011

I ain't dead

Just fickle. Soooooooooo... Rift post here for those that aren't too anti :)

Pilf xxx

Thursday, 17 March 2011

So here we are (again)

Following on from yesterday's post, I decided to bite the bullet and have a 'non-WoW' blog.  I always feel kind of guilty when I write about non-gaming related stuff here (in fact I feel guilty when I write about non-WoW related stuff here) but I want to write it somewhere.  It's not polished (not even close to being so) and the writing is the same.  Unpolished and unanalyzed (actually, it's probably over-analyzed...)  Minimally compliant.  Hey - I have the mind of a belf... what else can you expect?  Oh yeah - it's tangled, neurotic and generally Quixotic

I'm not going anywhere (other than Telara...) so /moar alts isn't closing up shop - not by a long way, but I want to get back into the habit of writing.  But without the rigidity of a 'themed' blog.  There won't be WoW-related posts there, those will remain here, so don't feel obliged to drop by, but if I'm quiet here and you're wondering if I'm still around... come visit and *wave*? 

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

I am not a-mused.

Oh muse, oh muse, why hast thou forsaken me?

Probably because I'm not gaming much at present, either in Azeroth or Telara.  I do go through these burnout phases reasonably regularly, as those who've read this blog for sometime know.  I have phases when I post (nearly) every day and phases when I post every week at best.  It's intensely frustrating... It's nearly frustrating enough for me to start a non-gaming blog, because when I'm not gaming I'm not writing and I miss writing.  I miss it so much, seriously, I do.  Himself used to voice his awe that I could churn out a post almost daily, but the reason I did was because it's the writing process I love.  The game itself is almost a 'prompt' of sorts, a creative solution to writers block, if you will.  Maybe I should just keep a non-WoW blog as well, to keep me in the 'habit' of writing... I dunno... Bah.

Kam, who is a darling, in general, and in the specific because of this, has challenged me to write what I call a ficlet, and what she calls a vignette, about one of my characters, either in Azeroth or Telara - probably, because as I've mentioned, she's lovely and realises that I need something to gee me up and get me back into the writing mold again.  So I logged on to my Rift characters, some of whom I'm having fun with, but they're just... pixels.  They aren't anywhere near having personalities, and because I'm nowhere near to getting my head round Telara lore I'm struggling on both fronts!  So I took a (very) deep breath and logged onto Pilf.  And it was... odd.  It wasn't helped, admittedly, by accidentally (because I'm a klutz) hitting my friends list shortcut and being faced with a load of Erc's characters who I'll never see logged onto the game again. That didn't help at all, as you can probably imagine.  But odd because I just can't seem to 'connect' with her at the moment.  I re-read my old posts and think 'Dammit, I used to be able to write!  What in the hell happened?'  But that's hardly constructive either.

All of which is a long way of saying - how do y'all deal with writers block? (Or whatever you want to call it) because, right now, I need some time off from weddings and study, I need some downtime, some time to do stuff for me, and writing used to be that outlet. All suggestions welcomed and appreciated...!

Saturday, 12 March 2011

20 Day of Warcraft Redux - Favourite Item

So Saga's meme brings me as far as Day 5 - Favourite Item In-Game.  Last time I tried to do this one I was in the midst of packing up my house and I couldn't face it, but tonight, as insomnia bites and I'm feeling a bit wistful (for reasons I can't really identify) I thought I'd try it again.  But, like the WoW Memories, there are a fair few, so picking just one... nuh-uh.  I'm going to have to fudge it.  Again.

Oddly enough, there are parallels with the packing I was doing.  Every so often I'd come across something, shoved in the back of a cupboard, in a box, on a shelf that made me stop and have a 'moment'.  Not because any of it was valuable in real terms, but because it had a memory attached to it.  And this is very much how I feel about the items I like most in-game.  The stuff that clutters up my bank(s) because I can't bear to get rid of it.  My warlock, for example, still has the bell, wheel and candle items for the Dreadsteed quest. Or, at least, I think she does.  As the quests are now obsolete maybe they're not in my bank anymore.  Who knows...?

Shadrynne has the Vampiric Batling from Prince Mirkblood (an additional boss in Kara during the pre-WotLK zombie-fest.) She's probably got the most... stuff as I played her so much.  She certainly has the pets I love: the Sinister Squashling, and boy did Lady RNG hate me, I think it took me two years to get it *sad face*, the Captured Flame, Pengu, Snarly.  You get the picture.  She does love her pets. Anything that needed a rep grind to get, Shad's got it.  Mounts as well, the green proto-drake, the talbuks (in every colour mind you.) She's even got a zebra. I still have various candies in the bank from old guildies. And I can probably tell you which one was from whom... She was also my raiding darling so she's got masses of old tier gear stashed away. 

And Pilf.  Pilf has so much stuff that I can't bear to get rid of that she's badly in need of a vanity guild so I can have moar space.  Each of her outfits has resonance for me - the outfit she wore to SAN's fishing extravaganza (that won her a prize!) which is the same one that she wore when she was offered drugs. There's her mooncloth robe that was a rep grind to get the pattern for...but got Himself (before he was Himself, so to speak) to Silvermoon to admire, which led to this robe, (more suitable for the beach dahling!) which led to this. She also has the white turkey

However... If I have to pick a favourite in-game... thing... I pick Pilf.  No pause for thought, no competition. 

Tuesday, 8 March 2011


I've a head full of wedding stuff a mile long, plus essays that need to be written.  I'm not going away for good, but things'll be quieter around here for a bit!



Saturday, 5 March 2011

Blog Azeroth Shared Topic - Favourite Weapon!

Yay for Blog Azeroth's shared topic this week!  And yay for Kallixta for starting it!   What is your favourite weapon in-game? As opposed to favourite weapon out of game, which would possibly make an even more interesting blog post.  Himself: his look of utter boredom and scathing disdain for the world around him.  Daughter: her switchblade attitude.  Mine.... umm... probably (if I can still do it) my 'walk away now girlie/sonny' look - utilised to great effect in my previous incarnation as manager of a pub... Not sure I can still do it though *sniffle* - either that or Himself and Daughter are just immune to it... 

I guess for me, and I'm sure that this won't come as too much of a shock here, it's got to be Benediction slash Anathema. I wrote about the actual stuff that you go through to get it back in April (*boggles*) last year (jaysus that's a long time ago now!) and I'm still damn proud of it.  Partially because that quest was hard.  And I guess more poignantly now, since The Sundering/Shattering, I'm not sure whether you can still get it.  Does Molten Core still exist?  I know that The Plaguelands have been revamped so maybe the entire quest has gone?  The one thing I'd have loved to have gotten was the Tier 1 (or was it Tier 0.5?) set as well - the first set of 'proper' priesty stuff to go with it.  But that would have been utterly bonkers and I'm not sure that there were enough willing souls to go through that havoc with me...! My soulcloth vest and soothsayer's kilt work well with it though, as does the mooncloth robe. Goodness me - this post is turning into a 'let's play dress-up' post... Apologies.

Of course, its all tied up in Pilf as well; how I played her, how she 'felt' to me, how 'real' she was.  I had so many 'firsts' with her, and learnt so much about the RP side of the game.  She was with me through a period of huge change in my life and there was so much of me in her, and vice versa, that I've basically rendered her unplayable now; a fact which never fails to sadden me a little.  I wouldn't change a thing mind you - she got me to where I am now, you see.  Destination Beautiful.   And that's where I want to be. 

Thursday, 3 March 2011

SM (No, not *that* SM...)

 *Before Himself and myself vanished off into the fashionable (*ducks*) wastes of [whispers] Rift, we did an instance on our paladins.  Again, just the two of us - Himself being tank and some dps, me being heals and some dps.  We figured that we were mid 30s (well, I was.  Himself was 29) so we should give the Monastery a shot and we were pretty surprised by how well we did.  Graveyard - cake.  Library - Loksey was more like... umm... something that is far removed from cake.  Brussel sprouts maybe?  Anyways, he was a hard cookie, and just blatted (with the help of his puppies) Himself into a pulp,  so Himself went off and gained a few levels.  When he reached 31 we came back.  Loksey - meet the stone floor.  Doan - a smear on the carpet.  Herod?  Well I'm not too sure who was more bored, him or us but we one shotted him as well.  By god he does rather go on about his blades of light... I'm not 100% certain that he isn't compensating for something I'd rather not think too hard about.  We decided that the Cathedral might be pushing it some so we stopped there, but it does give rise to an interesting question.

If two of us, at approximately the 'correct' level for the instance, in non-heirloom gear can two man this - what must it be like in a five man?  I remember, from my dim and distant past, that SM was kinda... hard.  The trash is still irksome in that they run at low health, and if you're not lucky they come back with many friends, but we solved that by Himself HoJ'ing them and me having my insta-cast exorcism ticking over for a final smack when necessary (and Himself 'reminding' me that one was about to run...)  We also went slow.  Himself is an old school tank inasmuch as he goes carefully, pulls trash back into a cleared room, LoS casters and generally tanks in a vanilla/BC manner.  All of which is fine by me - I'd always rather take 30 seconds to set up pulls then to Leroy it in and wipe.  He's also deeply commanding when tanking... Mmm.  Sorry, where was I? Yeah, 2 man vs 5 man.  Mad huh?  And, y'know, I'm not a very good player.  My ability to heal (even just myself and one other person) and be aware of... other stuff happening is bad.  Himself, bless him, marked which one he was hitting so I could just tab to star at an appropriate moment to blat rather than actually having to be on the ball.  Poor Himself...

So.... where does that leave the dps?  The whole thing would have been quicker with dps, for certain, but would it have been less hassle?  If it was people I knew then of course it would have been fine, but if it was PuG players?  I dunno... I know that they would have driven Himself nuts (and he them, most probably) if they were from the 'gogogogo' school of thought.  Its an interesting experiment this, and I wonder how far we'll get before we have to admit that we do need dps to get somewhere...!

*Just to be clear - this post is not, I repeat: NOT about me bragging about being leet.  I'm not.  At all.  Ever.  Even when I was raiding I was the girl that went along because people liked her and she made them laugh. I never raided because I had mad skillz.  I have never been, and will never be elite.  Are we clear?  Good!

Tuesday, 1 March 2011


Having had time to calm down after my rant, and also feeling ashamed after reading Sven's well-balanced and thoughtful The Drunkard's Walk post, I thought that I'd try Rift again - thought progression below:

  • Arse! The Mac client is crap so Himself has to dual-boot the Mac and make it run Windows.  
  • Feed Mac cupcakes to try to compensate for this level of abuse.
  • Character creation is beyond gorgeous.  Ohhh /strokes screen and gets staticky...
  • Waste hours playing with hair and make-up.  Nothing new there then...
  • Finally I have character exactly how I want her.  Daughter has insisted her hair matches hers. 
  • Log into game.  
  • Ohhhhhh shiny graphics are shiny. 
  • Yay for interface that I understand.
  • Yay for being able to just play! 
  • Having three talent trees makes my brain ache.
  • Pick spells that look shiny... in an evil way. 
  • I am not a 'good' cleric.
  • Wtf is my rotation supposed to be? /whimper 
  • Oh I have mail.  Ohhhhhh mail contains two-headed turtle mount of awesomesauce. 
  • Mounts at level 5 are kinda cool...
  • Rifts are weird.  I start beating things up and suddenly people join me and wtf I'm in a raid group?
  • General chat is full of the inevitable WoW comparisons.
  • God the graphics are amazing. 
  • Rifts are cool.  Wish I knew what to do with the thingys I earn though.
  • Gathering.  I can understand gathering. 
  • I appear to be a combination of a paladin, warlock and shadow priest.
  • I'm confused.
  • I don't understand death. 
  • It's still exceedingly pretty.
  • I might need to L2P.
  • FINALLY my legs, stomach, chest and arms are covered by believable armour! 
  • (This armour is less shiny.  This is a good thing...)