Tuesday, 8 February 2011

When... bad orcs go ...good??

In a change to scheduled posting I bring you a non-20 Days blog post.  Partially because I need to think about my first day playing (it was a while back!) and partly because I'm half asleep, thanks to the oinks in the flat next door (and their mates) deciding that 3am was an excellent (and reasonable) time to have a no-holds-barred domestic in the hall outside my flat.  Honestly - someone should come up with an 'insults app': Want to step away from that old fashioned method of insult hurling?  Fed up with using 'fuck' every second word AND as punctuation?  Want to expand your profanity lexicon?  There's an app for that... Seriously - it was like having a Jerry Springer show filmed 5 yards away from your bed.  Really, I don't care who allegedly slept with whom.  I really needed the bathroom and I struggle to pee to the (not so) gentle rhythm of fists meeting flesh, so as a result I didn't get my ass out of bed this morning, Himself went to work having not had his coffee and breakfast made for him, or his lunch packed and I had less then 15 minutes to get Youngest up, washed and dressed and out the door to school.  Snarl.

Right - that's the rant over with. Kinda.

There are still masses of levelling zones I haven't seen yet.  I've haven't finished Stranglethorn (though I am getting there slowly), I haven't played through Thousand Needles, Desolace, or Plaguelands.  And that's just the zones that are up to level 40-odd.  This is due, in part, to enjoying all my Project 10 alts (with the exception of the rogue, le sigh) and of course, I'm seeing the new Alliance zones as well now.  All of which means that I've yet to hit 40 on any character but boy am I having fun.  Himself finished Stonetalon at the weekend and... got up and left the computer to... collect himself. Intrigued, I asked him what he'd been up to - Himself, like Myself, does get very immersed in the game but it's unusual for him to get that drawn in. All he would tell me was that I needed to go and do the Stonetalon zone.

Naturally, none of my Project 10 alts on the Horde side were the right level, so I logged onto one of my SAN characters (which was nice - I'm not used to seeing guild chat nowadays!) and took her off.  By sheer coincidence she's an orc warlock, which was quite apposite, as it turned out.  As an aside, I'd wondered how insane levelling would be with BoA gear and rested xp and guild xp bonuses.  It's totally OP.  Seriously, I like my BoA gear on my orc warlock - she looks really good in it, I get guild xp bonus if you're levelling 80-85 or whatever, but really - WTB an option to turn off increased levelling speed please!  Infact, WTB an option to gain 25% less xp when levelling so I can do the zones justice.  I was handing in about 4 quests and levelling, and this is in the mid-20s...

However - Stonetalon. Again, it's very linear progression, but the story is well-told and really draws you in.  Doing it as an orc is wonderful.  As usual, I'm not going to give you details - if you've done it you'll know what I'm talking about and if you haven't - well go do it! It's really, really interesting.  And you don't realise (or maybe it's just me being a bit slow on the uptake) how sucked in you're getting until it's kind of too late.  And then you're so enmeshed in it all, up to your neck in it - that you have to follow it through. And then you have to face Garrosh and hope he feels merciful.  Yeah - Garrosh and mercy - two words that don't sit well together...

In other important news - there is a thing of great beauty here. (Also here if you'd prefer YouTube.)

 If you fetishise belfies like I do, and have always seen Silvermoon in a film noir context - go and drool.  A lot.  It's kinda NSFW - Himself muttered about me watching 'belf porn' (which may of had something to do with me squealing at intervals, admittedly) but it's not *that* explicit.  I think it's gorgeous.  And just the thing to cheer you up after you've been held responsible for the deaths of innocent cows...


  1. Wow! Thanks for sharing this! Loved it!

  2. You mention having rogue-related difficulties - what sort? My very first rouge, I struggled to 16 and was close to deleting her when it somehow clicked.

    Having just dinged 85 on Tarryfingert yesterday, I can safely say that they are my favourite class to play. So, if there's anything I can shunt your way across the shared corpus collosum...