Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Waffles (minus maple syrup)

Yesterday I had a huge compliment paid to me.  A blogger who I read regularly, had left me a comment in response to a comment I had left her, regarding my blog, and whilst even my ego (which is large enough to warrant its own post-code) thinks it would be too much to link to said post, I'm flattered and kinda genuinely amazed.  You know who you are *hugs*.

All of which is good blog fodder, isn't it folks?  Because I don't really think too much about my little corner of the interwebz here.  I like blogging, so I blog.  Sometimes I like blogging more than I like gaming - and that's a pain in the ass.  One of the things I missed the most when I took my WoW-hiatus, was that I couldn't write.  Sad Pilf was sad.  And I kept a personal blog a while back but... personal stuff permanently etched onto the internet makes me a little... anxious nowadays. So that blog has been deleted for quite some time.  And actually, I like blogging about something that other people also blog about.  That feeling of being part of a broader community, circle, web, call it what you want.  I continue to be... well, flattered, I guess when people leave me comments.  I've never had tracking addons installed on my blog so I have no clue as to how many people come here, and what they're looking for.  Having read some of the 'search term' blog posts, I'm a bit glad about that... And in the main, I write to empty my head out onto the screen.  Sure, when you keep a public blog, there is no getting away from the fact that you are, to a degree, 'writing to be read', but that's not always the case.  Sometimes it is - especially when, as in my last few posts, I was hoping to get some feedback (which I did - thanks folks!) about topics that were making me go 'hmmm'.

More often though, it's just about the process.  Kinda similar (I think) to Zen gardening.  It's not the end result, it's the journey.  And much as I loved my RP stuff when I was really immersed in RP, I'm so anti-social in-game now, that I'm not getting me any RP.  And much as I should be able to write ficlets from my imagination... I can't really.  I need people to bounce off to get the, uh creative juice, as it were, flowing sufficiently for me to be involved enough to want to write. Because forcing yourself to write just leads to frustration and angst.  Both of which I have a Masters in, natch...

All of which is  avery roundabout way of saying to everyone who reads and comments - thank you!  I'm quite pants at commenting on the blogs that I read usually, and only do if I have something that I feel is relevant, so it's always a privilege to get an email telling me that not only has someone read my drivel, but they've replied to it as well (y'all are mad, mad folk!)  On 7 February (uh that's like.. next week - yikes!) it'll be my blog anniversary so I really need to find some inspiration for an OMG I made it a year!!!111!! post.  Apologies, therefore, if it's a bit quiet here until then!


  1. ~hugs~ I love how you attribute your blogging to Zen Gardening. That's exactly how I feel about blogging too. I have no idea what is the purpose or goal of my blog other than just a place for me to write my ideas out.

    I'm horrible about commenting on other blogs too, unless I feel I really have something to say about the topic. And often I end up having so much to say that I end up making my own post about it.

    Oh and happy Blogiversary early, in case I forget!

  2. I still get all giddy whenever I see someone commented on my blog, I doubt that feeling will ever go away. It's just like.. omg someone read what I had to say and cared enough to make a reply!

    As for the writing I think I get where you're coming from. Inspiration is just key. I used to write manuscripts for before I got sick but haven't written anything since then other than starting a couple of fanfics to see if I could write at all anymore (and let me tell you, those are utter tripe). It's something I'd like to get back to - but inspiration and energy eludes me :(

    Here's for us all finding (and holding onto!) our inner muse! :)

  3. I don't know what I'm worse at -- commenting on other people's blogs, or responding when people make comments on mine. I do really truly appreciate your comments, though :)

    Grats on the upcoming blogiversary, too!