Monday, 14 February 2011

Pally Powah?

Over the weekend Himself and Myself decided that we'd put our new(ish) pallies to the test and actually 'do' something with them.  Himself was level 15 (and a tauren) and I was level 16 (and... a belf...)  Himself is prot and I'm seeing if the much loved shockadin build is viable to level with.  In a nutshell,  I'm holy.  Neither of us are fans of LFG - Himself admittedly, does actually do them, or did, but I'm steering well clear.  Especially on a character that I'm still learning to play on...

We figured that Ragefire Chasm would be a good bet for us to try and 2-man.  The trash there is about 13/14 elite and the bosses are 16 elite.  That should be about right for the two of us.  Bear in mind that I've never really healed with anything except a priest, who, like them or not, have a huge variety of heals.  Kinda different to paladins who, at my level, have Flash of Light (omnomnom you can haz no mana...), Holy Light (ok, you can haz mana but the cast is sloooooow), and Holy Shock (you can haz instant cast but with cooldown) and Word of Awesome Glory.  With Pilf I used to toss around Renews and CoH and basically do Flash Heal.  And it didn't eat my mana bar.  With Niae I quickly realised that FoL spam would equate to Himself being dead on trash as I went out of mana.  Himself pointed out that FoL is kind of the 'oh shit' button and that HS/HoL might be better, honey...

When we'd run back in we tried again, and it was a lot better. Himself has tanked before and I have healed before, but we were both on classes that were all but new to us.  Pally healing has such a different rhythm to priest healing, and it took a while for me to get the tempo right.  Luckily Word of Glory means that if I ran into difficulties (or started to look low on mana) Himself could cover enough to keep him alive until I'd recovered (either my composure or some mana...)  Additionally, we were both low enough that greens were great upgrades - we weren't loling through in heirlooms... And how awesome is it that instances now have all the questgivers just inside?  No more running all over Azeroth, making sure that you've gotten all the quests you can do there, before zoning in and realising that you're missing one, and it requires an item, so the other party members can't even share the quest with you!

And we did a full clear. Yes, it took some time and some wiping, ok, a lot of wiping, but we did it.  Just the two of us.  And you know what? I quite like pally healing.  I like the pacing of it.  With the caveat that I'm not sure I'd like to heal in a PuG with a less than considerate tank and aggro-happy dps. I could keep Himself alive whilst he blatted things but I'm not sure that I'd manage to keep 3 others up as well.

We got phat loots - ok we got blues, which was cause for huge celebration - especially as one of the quests gave me mail with caster stats - huzzah!  Himself got an awesome blue - 'Hey baby, have you seen the big bone I've got in my hand...! And on that note I'll leave you... Happy Love is in the Air (for those that celebrate that stuff) - my Valentines evening, as previously mentioned, will consist of RAWK!!11!! with Himself and my girls (who needs mini-breaks to Paris?)


  1. I've started playing my old paladin recently. She's level 80 and Holy, I never did much healing on her at 80 (she kinda hit 80 and then stayed there while I had a second.. yeah.. I know, it's bad.. paladin that was a tank) I'm quite enjoying it now, even if I'm still learning.

    I'm sort of wondering when I'll start going oom at this point, because I know healers in Cataclysm are definitely going to be going oom. But I've been really lucky with my PUG groups so far and at the very worst I ended a fight at 40% mana, but for the most part I hover around 90%.

    Sadly I doubt this will continue for long. Once I'm the level to get into Stonecore - even on normal, I think I will suddenly start cursing mana *lol*

    But yeah, paladin healing seems fairly good - though I still love priests and their many options!

  2. Sounds like fun!

    BTH went Tank with his Paladin when BTHP and my DK dinged 85 a few days ago. My poor neglected 30-something BE Paladin (can't even wear plate yet *sob*) is Ret. My 15 Tauren Paladin is currently Prot just because tanking is something I've never yet tried and I would like to at least attempt it, but I'm already planning to dual spec her Prot/Holy at level 30 and the healing spec may very well end up winning out.