Friday, 11 February 2011

Kalimdor Honeymoons (with apologies to the Lonely Planet)

No matter how much I try to distract myself, my head returns to Wedding Stuff.  Specifically, the honeymoon – I’ve finally thrown Myself on Himself’s mercy and begged pleaded asked him too Just Bloody Sort It.  Honestly, I’ve driven myself round the bend and back again browsing the Lonely Planet website, Trip Advisor, Expedia and about a million hotel websites.  Last night I told him to take me to Sen’Jin… Poor Himself.  But I now present you with Pilf’s Honeymooners Guide to Kalimdor.  

Bloodmyst Isle

Who could resist a moon like that?  Could you ask for more romance?  Maybe you could do without the hostile plant-life though.  And the general levels of corruption that permeate the Isle.  Oh, and the evil satyrs.  I’m sure any decent medic can give you jabs to prevent you catching anything too nasty from them – after all, it’s not really a proper holiday if you don’t have to get vaccinations is it?  


Want to get away from it all in?  Keen on the natural world?  Then Feralas could be the ideal destination for you.  Perfect for romantic strolls through lush wooded groves and beside tranquil rivers.  Just watch out for the giants.  They're kinda huge.  Oh, and the ogres. And the hippogryphs.  I wouldn't recommend availing yourselves of the clear waters off the coast, unless you're happy to bathe with pissed off naga (and are there any other kind?) And you might want to steer your husband away from the harpies as well - surely that doesn't require any further explanation?  


Divine Moonglade - with its beautiful light and ethereal atmosphere you're guaranteed relaxation and good vibes.  Enjoy the architecture, stroll over the bridges and dabble your toes in Lake Elune'ara. It would be unwise to plan to holiday here between the end of January and the middle of February - the Lunar Festival means that you'll be prey for Omen, and unless your tastes are very... specialised, psychopathic two-headed dogs and their minions tend to put a dampener on romance.  


All the beach bunnies out there should undoubtedly head off to Tanaris.  The coastline is exquisite - white sand shelves gently into the calm turquoise waters, and if your idea of happiness revolves around sand and sea then you'll be blissed out here.  Rocky shorelines are a magnet for pirates though, so keep a good eye out if you're wandering along the beach, and avoid exploring any caves that you chance across. Sticking to the coastline and avoiding the hinterland area will mean that you avoid the numerous unpleasant insects, ogres, basilisks - and if you do venture inland stay away from the ruins as the trolls there appear to dislike tourists visiting. 


If Tanaris is a bit too far flung then try the beaches at Sen'jin.  Although the beaches are red sand, rather than white, the sunsets are to die for.  Durotar itself provides plenty of opportunities for keen hikers to explore, although the wildlife (in the forms of boar and scorpions) can be irksome.  Some of the caves contain hostile cults, so ask advice from a local before venturing in!  The colourful, bustling city of Orgrimmar can take some time to acclimatise to, bit it provides a variety of accommodation and is currently reasonably politically stable. 


For those seeking the exhilaration of skiing, skating or snowboarding - look no further.  Winterspring has it all.  Off the beaten track, with beautiful scenery, this land steeped in a permanent winter has delightful hideaways such as the hot springs (pictured above) - what could be more enjoyable than after some strenuous exercise than relaxing in a natural hot pool with your loved one and giving those over-streched muscles a much needed break?  Stay alert as dragonkin abound, along with bears, yeti, alpine furbolg, and ice elementals and giants.  Not particularly accessible (making friends with the Timbermaw prior to travelling is a much) but well worth the effort required.

(I know I'm nuts, but writing this has given me some much needed amusement and perspective on my current state of wedding obsession.  If I haven't got it all out of my system I'll do the Eastern Kingdoms next...) Pictures nicked from Wowhead and tarted up via Piknik.


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