Thursday, 17 February 2011

Get me - an entire year has passed...

So when I said my blogs anniversary was 7 February I was, in fact, out by 10 days.  It's today!  Huzzah and w00t!

I find any sort of 'another year gone' stuff quite odd - vis the performance that Himself had to sit through for the last few weeks about my birthday proper (which was on Tuesday).  It's also the reason why I'm even more grumpy about New Year than I am about Christmas.  Not in a 'time is passing and I'm so old' way, I should point out.  Just that, for me, these sorts of occasions make you sit back and take stock and reflect (possibly too much, if you have an inner belf like I do.)  And if you've had a year of change upon change upon change with a soupcon of change scattered on top, there's a lot to take stock of!

In WoW terms (as well as in RL terms, I should add) it's been a good year.  It's been more than a year since I last raided, and although watching raiding vids on YouTube still gives me the itch, I don't want to scratch it enough to consider going back to raiding, even on casual terms.  I dread to think how many alts I've made in the last year.  Dozens and dozens would be my closest guess.  Some of them blossomed and flowered, some never managed to poke their shoots above the earth.  I think I've played every race and every class at some point.  Not well, I should hasten to add, but I've tried them all.  Azeroth is a huge ice cream stall for me at the moment, there are so many flavours and combinations and toppings and extra stuff you can sprinkle on top that I'm not even close to being bored.  I think probably, I'll always be a healer at heart, my shockadin healed Himself's tankadin through Shadowfang Keep last night - just the two of us again, one shotting everything upto whats-his-face, Lord Godfrey, where we just didn't have enough pew to pwnzor him *sad face*.  And I remembered how much I like healing.  In the right environment...

This is a rambly post I know.  I've got a head full of wedding stress, plus a head full of 'going back and packing my house up next week' stress (in the same head obviously... I don't have two heads...!)  Plus I'm still failing to recover from the gig I took the Girls to on Monday (which proved a few things: a) I cannot pogo around for hours - I barely made it through the one song I knew (a cover of The Middle by Jimmy Eat World) by which point I was a little sweaty, b) that by 10.30pm I wanted my bed, not to carry on for another hour, c) that I'm now old enough that my back aches if I stand for four hours and d) that dear God, DEAR GOD modern youth is so bloody YOUNG!) and the hangover yesterday from having the sum of three alcoholic drinks (I rarely drink - like once every six months) And too much stress.  Or did I mention that already...?

All I need to say now, is to everyone who reads and lurks, or comments, and has done at any point during the last year - THANK YOU. Like Saga I still squee with excitement when someone not only reads my nonsense but takes the time to say something in return.  I love you guys...

Oh no - and one last thing.  Having told Himself I want to honeymoon in Sen'jin, the last thing I expected him to say was "Ok, you want to go to Sen'Jin, I'll take you there." And whilst I was stuttering and stammering (something about, no darling, I didn't mean I wanted to play WoW for a week...) he fiddled around with Google Image Search and said "There.  Will this do?"  Is there a more blessed woman on the planet than me? (It's Tulum, Mexico just in case you're wondering.)

White sand, blue sea and palm trees? Check.

Troll ruins?  Check.


  1. Happy Anniversary! :)

    And that really *does* look like Sen'jin! That's just awesome!

  2. I didn't miss it! Congratulations on the anniversary.

    Sen'jin village and troll ruins?! You lucky gal!

  3. Happy Blogiversary, Pilfkin!

    "Azeroth is a huge ice cream stall for me at the moment, there are so many flavours and combinations and toppings and extra stuff you can sprinkle on top that I'm not even close to being bored."
    I love this analogy! I feel that way about WoW right now, too.

    Good luck with the move and the wedding preparations! I hope everything comes together beautifully and just the way you want it to. And what a lucky woman you are, to have a man clever enough to find in the real world the place you've always wished you could pull out of the game world to visit :D

  4. @ Everyone - thank you! It does really feel like an achievement!

  5. Happy Blogaversary! Mexico looks amazing, so jealous!!! Just make sure you stay away from da voodoo.