Thursday, 3 February 2011

Gender roles (quests?)

Really, I do.  Once everything in the house is ironed! 

Himself is a New Man (deliberate capitals).  He really finds it hard when people ask me what I do and I say 'I look after Himself and Daughter' (even though it's true - Pilf is a housewife IRL!) - I always suspect that he'd rather I said I was a student (which is also true) and then dropped in that I'm studying Politics, Philosophy and Economics. (True again.  I'll give you a second to pick yourself up of the floor and dust yourself down.  Giddy Pilf might not be quite as giddy as she leads people to believe...) But he is of the New Man school that believes in equality and opportunity for all - regardless of gender (or anything else, come to think of it.)  [whispers] I think he quite likes being looked after mind you - but he insists on telling people, with his tongue on his cheek, that having a wife-y is a moral burden...

Ok, I know you're all wondering where this is leading.

There's a quest in The Cape of Stranglethorn - this one to be precise, which Himself couldn't do.  He tells me he tried it four times... I've never known Himself quit on a quest before - unlike me who regularly has a paddy and storms away from the 'puter.  So natch, I had to see what was so difficult.  All you have to do is pick up a mop and swab the deck of the boat for two minutes.  The stains glitter and everything!  So I did it first time (ahem) which caused Himself endless amusement.  We decided that really, I'd better blog it, lest Himself got carried away and brought the ire of... parts of the interwebz down upon him. I'm not kidding here - he couldn't wander round the deck and mop stuff up... Good job that us wimmin are experienced with all the cleaning we do, so are on hand to do those difficult quests...

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  1. I know the perfect solution! He obviously must start mopping the floors more often! :P