Thursday, 10 February 2011

And the world turns...

Yeah... this kinda over rides this morning's post I suspect... 

Ho-hum.  I’ve accidentally rolled another belf.  ‘Accidental’ character creation must be a bit like ‘accidental’ infidelity: Sorry darling, I don’t quite know what happened, I must have slipped, tripped and fell onto… the character creation screen.  Can you forgive me?

See, when I log into WoW (especially at the moment when I’m doing it as a distraction to stop me obsessing stressing thinking about anything to do with the “W” word) I log onto whichever realm and I ponder. Who do I feel like playing?  Do I feel like a depressed human warrior?  Do I feel like a trollish drood?  Do I (heaven forefend) feel like a dorf? (God – life was so easy when I had a ‘main’!)  And today’s answer, was, unsurprisingly, oh noes – I feel like a belf!  Ok, that’s my default state of being, I know, but sadly, I don’t really have a belf that I feel like I ‘connect’ with at present.  Pilf is just… well, she’s just retired.  I’ve got too much… stuff tied up in her (still) to really be able to enjoy playing her, and I’m ok with that.  I’ll never get rid of her – I’ve got… far too much stuff tied up in her to delete her and I don’t begrudge her the character slots at all, but I don’t want to play her.   My baby warlock is just that – a baby, and I’m a bit warlocked out at present.  Same with hunters.  Pet overkill, I think. 

I’m not managing my Tauren paladin.  I just cannot handle the size of Tauren – not even for the out-of-this-world wonderfulness that is a paladin kodo (and that’s the only kodo you’ll ever hear me apply the term ‘wonderful’ to as well!)  My high level paladin is just a bit yawn worthy.  I’ve never managed to bring much (if any) ‘life’ to my old PvE raiding characters... so the logical thing to do is to make another paladin belf is it not?  Of course it is!  And no dissenters please!  I’ve got a vague RP concept for her – nothing too fancy-shmancy at the moment as I want to see where she takes me first.  So yeah – see below really! 

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  1. Heh, I know that "oops, I seem to have rolled another alt again" feeling all too well. I've lost count of how many alts I've created, played to about level 10 or so, then deleted as I argue with myself about just how many alts I really need. I've come to the conclusion that really, I just like playing through the starting zones.