Friday, 4 February 2011

20 Days of Warcraft...Redux! Day 1

Blame Saga - she's given us another meme! And everybody loves a good meme!

So Day One: Introduce Yourself.  Ohhhhh I get to write about my favourite subject... me, me, me! God, I love this meme even more now...

So omg-hai!  I'm Pilf, and I'm a confirmed alt-aholic.  You know this...

In real life I'm a belf on the inside, but a dorf on the outside.  I'm 33 (oh god, in a week and a bit I'm 34...) and I have two daughters who are 15 and 12.  Soon to be 13 and 16.  Fuck... On the plus side, I can embarrass the hell out of them, just by... you know, being.  They're just the right age for Mum's existence just to be too embarrassing for words.  That said, I'm taking Youngest to her first gig on Valentines Day.  How cool is that?  Himself and I get to go and rawk! rather then sitting in an overpriced restaurant surrounded by other couples being romantic. And rawk! we will - Youngest has an excellent taste in music (which I take ALL the credit for) so we're going to see some screamo band.  All Youngest has to do (as does Eldest, for that matter) is believe that Mum isn't going to re-live her goth-chic days and go dressed in jeans, a black Wonderbra and a fishnet top.  Which I'm not.  But only because I haven't got the figure anymore...

I live on the sea (not literally, that'd be kinda wet and cold... I mean on the sea front) in the South of England.  If you want an idea of what it's like just listen to the lyrics on this. That's my world, right there.   I live with Himself, as you might have noticed.  Himself is slightly senior to me and is a Proper Grown-Up with a Proper Job.  He's somewhere between a Troll and a Tauren (in personality NOT looks!)  But he forgives my belf tendencies so it's all good.  I'm sort of a grown up... but basically I agree with Margaret Atwood.  Currently  I'm a housewife cum student. Himself thinks that when I've gotten my degree I'm going to be a SpAd.  Himself might yet be disappointed...

Wow - it's harder to write about me than I thought it would be.  I'm bored of me now.  I'm looking forward to reading about you, so get on with the Challenge folks!


  1. Is is crazy that I get really happy when I see people using my challenge? :)

    That sounds really awesome with your youngest having her first gig on Valentine's Day. I'm sure you'll have a blast!

  2. You do realise when I first read this, my initial reaction was to the fishnet top and Wonderbra, with an "I hear you loud and clear!"? The second was "ooooh, who are they going to see?"!

    And lucky you. Living by the sea. Though I'm not too far away from the coast, the sea always calls to me strongly.

  3. We the Kings (who I first heard as 'We are Kings' and so it's stuck in my head now). I've no idea if they're any good but I'm very pleased that I'm the one who gets to take her to her first gig! I'm a proud Momma :)

  4. Ooh, checking them out now - and ooh, real music! Nice one-they're not your typical boy band!