Wednesday, 9 February 2011

20 Days of Warcraft Redux - First Playtime

Do you know, it's so long ago now that I'm not sure I can remember my first day in Azeroth exactly.  But that might have something to do with having installed WoW... it wouldn't run.  And eventually working out that whilst my comp was no dinosaur the graphics card wasn't good enough to run it.

When I eventually did get it working I remember firing up the character create screen and playing for... umm a while.  Quite a long while.  This was just pre-TBC so there were no lovely belfies, or draenei for that matter, so my first character was an orc rogue - which still kinda stuns me.  She was kickass though and made it to, IIRC the dizzy heights of level 40.  That's the highest I've ever gotten a rogue.  I also made an orc warlock as well.  2 orcs!  But then TBC came out and I went belf and, as you may have realised, once you go belf you never go back...

I remember Durotar vividly - and I remember spending what felt like days in the cave in the Valley of Trials trying to find Thazz'ril's bloody pick, being munched by sprites and felhunters... and dying over and over and over.  I still hate caves today - I barely know my left from my right, so East and West (not to mention North and South) are... problematic.  Himself finds this amusing: "I might not know how to mop floors honey, but I can read a map..." (as I was totally lost in Stonetalon at the weekend.) I feel the same way about castles and keeps as well.  The other thing I recall vividly was the lack of load screens - the fact that the graphics just went on and on and on and on... And realising that the sun and the moon rose and set, and being awed by that.

It's the connections that make it real...

And of course - the other players.  All these characters running around, emoting, riding, casting, fighting.  They were all other people, at their computer, just like I was.  I remember just how... amazed I was by this.  Nowadays of course, it's just something I take as read, but for my first week or so I was completely boggled by it. And just occasionally, when someone /waved at me, I got that odd (but more commonplace now) feeling of 'My oh my.  Some stranger just waved at me.'  And that slightly warm feeling you get when someone who doesn't know you, who has no reason to be nice to you, just decides to be friendly.  Little did I know how much social contact WoW would give me, not on that first day, not on that first week.  Probably not during the first month.  Nor did I know that ultimately, some of the people I met in game would become incredibly important in my life.  I certainly didn't ever think that I'd meet my future husband in Azeroth.

I've come along way since that first day or so.  I've raided, got various titles and achievements, been in guilds, written blogs... And one of the nicest things about Cata for me is how often I've got that 'ohhhh' feeling I had so regularly when I first started playing. Because it's wonderful, when it's all shiny and new.  But re-visiting old haunts is also kinda nice.  Especially when there's enough to be familiar, but also enough to make you curious.

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  1. While Cataclysm is definitely helping to get a bit of that feeling back, I don't think I can ever quite get back that special feeling when first starting the game and realising everything I could do.

    I came from text-based MUDs and seeing things with pretty pictures (as pretty as an undead can be) was just amazing. The first time I took a flight path I was in sheer awe. Like OMG I can fly!

    I still have some screenshots saved from my first character. I took screenshots of everything *lol* Like my first flight.. fighting worgens in Silverpine.. you name it :) (Sadly I lost most of them in a computer switch, but could save a handful.)