Tuesday, 25 January 2011

What is it with leveling at the moment?

I'm willing to accept that it's just me - it often is.  Example from earlier today:  Himself has been trying to explain to me how to play mages and hunters, and has been getting boggled by my inability to run away AND do damage.  Leaning over my shoulder this morning, he growled (words to the effect of) "Run AND damage!  NO, don't STEP backwards - RUN!"  After I'd finished whimpering and returned from the corner (*sniffle*) I gave him my best puzzled face (which he sees a lot) and asked him, well, basically... WTF he wanted me to DO?? Then he explained to me (after his amazement had dissipated) what the 'Q' and 'E' keys were for.  They'd be the 'strafe' keys that I didn't know existed.  Yes, I know.  Fail much?

So disclaimer/explanation of my ongoing ability to fail over with.  On with the post-proper.

I'm doing a lot of leveling at present, having waaaay too many alts who I love, but with each of them, seemingly regardless of class, I'm out-leveling zones.  I have NO BoA heirloom stuff, so that isn't the explanation.  Yes, I'm gathering, which I know gives xp, but surely not that much xp? It's incredibly frustrating; no matter what I do, if I complete the quests, the quest mobs are, at best green, and at worst, grey, before I finish the zone itself.  And, you know, with the way the quests are structured at the moment, with the high levels of linear-ness (is that a word?), I want to finish the chains.  Because I'm enjoying the stories being told.

I'm in no way advocating a return to the 'good ol' days' (*ahem*) of Vanilla/BC where you had to run all over Azeroth and hop between continents to find leveling appropriate quest zones.  I wouldn't do that anymore than I'd advocate a return to first mount at level 40 (especially as I'm currently in Stranglethorn and I remember that place when you had to run everywhere.)  But I'm just not convinced that there isn't a problem with too much xp per quest, or mob, or something.  Now, I'm not that bothered, as I'm just pootling around, but if I was actually trying to level quickly I think I'd be narked by getting halfway through a zone and finding all my quests are green.  The potential for frustration comes, like it did this morning, when Himself glanced at my screen and asked why I was in Zul'Grub (I'm level 31 - it's a fair question) and why I was a raptor.  Now Himself loves trolls, so I was surprised that he hadn't done the (very troll-ish) chain, especially as I've seen him level through Stranglethorn.  The answer?  Presumably he'd out-leveled to the extent that the quest didn't show up (I permanently have 'track low level quests' ticked) so he'd missed it.  And more so than that, that not only are 'stories' not fully played out (all of a sudden I understood why I'd been carting a lashtail raptor hatchling with me everywhere) but also the end of these long chains dishes out shiny blues as a reward (if one cares about such things).  Now if you don't want lore or stores, then surely you want shiny new gear?

So... Is anyone else finding questing a bit... OP at present?


  1. Nope, not just you. I though it might have been the bazillon % xp increase from RaF, but apparently not.

    And while we're reminiscing about the old days; I remember when I had to brew my own poisons... And the mount level thing? I have an abiding loathing of Ashenvale because on my very first toon (a dorf), I had to run back and forwards the length of the zone for some bloody cure that some stinky nelf couldn't be bothered to look for himself. Of course, Blizz then put in several more flight points. Now, it feels like you can't go 200 yards without falling over a flight master. Kids these days, they don't know they're born... ;)

  2. Oh the XP seems pretty steep at the moment for sure. I spent the majority of Darkshore trying to finish quests before they turned grey (and often failed), but I didn't want to leave until I had finished the zone.

    This meant that I entered Ashenvale around level 25 and those quests were already green too *sigh*

    About the Q and E keys.. how about this.. I can top you.. I'm completely unable to move using WASD. I don't know why, but it doesn't come natural to me - so I move with my mouse.

    This works fine for the most part, but sometimes I can definitely tell that moving with WASD would have been better. (I bound strafe to the side keys on the mouse and move pretty much as well as someone who uses WASD, but there are a few times when the difference is noticable)

  3. Hey Saga - yeah, it took me about 3 months to train myself away from using the arrow keys on my number pad (which I was tapping with my LEFT hand, i.e. reaching over my body...) to using WASD. And then only because my excruciating RSI *made* me re-learn how I used the keys! Himself assures me that I'll get used to using Q and E eventually...

  4. Nope, you're not alone in those feelings -- the "WTHex do you MEAN, move AND damage/heal at the same time?!" and the "questing is kind of OP right now" both.

    BTH had to show me how to strafe, too, and I still fail at recognizing when I should do it.

    My little Goblin Mage finished Azshara at level 23. Things hadn't started going grey yet, but there probably are quests that she won't see unless she has "low level quests" turned on when she goes to Ashenvale. I might just take her straight to Northern Stranglethorn, though, because I did a little bit of Ghostlands to get her up to 24 so she could wear a particular piece of gear.

    I enjoy questing for the story aspects, so I generally will continue questing in a zone even after the quests there have gone green or grey just to finish the storylines. This produces a certain amount of internal tension when I'm questing with a character that I'm actually wanting to levely somewhat quickly.

  5. Definitely not alone there. I'm about to cut out any and all gathering professions from my alts, and see what a difference it makes, but I can't imagine its just the gathering.

    I guess it may be good for those of us who just want to get to max level, but that's not all of us. I can only imagine what leveling is like with BoA's, guild bonus, rested XP, plus RaF.

  6. I think there's too much low level content now for the levelling speed - most Azeroth zones have probably enough quests for about 10 levels, but the next zone becomes available after 5 levels and there are numerous zones to choose from for each level bracket. Once you get to Outlands and Northrend the choices get streamlined, but still the next zone is available before you finish the one you're in.

    Level fast and miss out on content or level completely and get devalued rewards.

    An alternative might be to cut out quests to fit the rate of levelling - but that would mean each expansion more quests would be cut until perhaps you're left with one short quest chain per zone. That would be boring, mess up the achievements system, and be a tragic loss of lore and history.

  7. @ Pulse - yep, Ashenvale has that effect on me too for the same reason...

    @ Kam - huzzah - I love it when others make me feel better about my fails *hug*! And ditto - I've been carrying on, even when the quests are grey, but I'm lucky in that I have no 'need' to level quickly :)

    @ Ama - I'm about to mosey over to your blog and comment on your post there!

    @ Galaedria - I'm not sure I'd phrase it as 'too much content' because having choice is good, but I understand what you mean. As it stands, you do have the choices you outlined, and I'd rather that then have quests (and therefore choice) cut. And like you say, the loss of lore would be unpleasant. In addition (and completely OT) - your blog is BEAUTIFUL and I'm very jealous!!