Sunday, 2 January 2011

Up close and personal.

(Or: In which Pilf is an alt-whore. You pick.)

One of the gorgeous things about an expansion, is that it gives you the ability to step off your well trodden path and look at other things, in the spirit of new experiences and all that stuff. F'rinstance: I don't 'get' melee classes at all. It continues to amaze me that I had a max level paladin. I'm not quite sure how that happened, but RaF and BoAs might have helped, along with my deep seated stubbornness that meant that even though my then-guild mocked me, I was determined to have a loladin and that she would be called Rainbow. So there.

My ability to play a melee class is miniscule. Seriously. Add to this, my inability to play a class that can't self-heal - and no, that doesn't mean bandages and potions, I mean proper heal, with spells and shit, so this then equates to huge discomfort with rogues and warriors, quite uncomfortable with enhancement shamalalamas, less so with paladins and vaguely uneasy with feral druids. My druid, who I adooooooore, by the way, hit level 20 today. Yes, I am the slowest leveller on the planet and I don't fucking care (as an aside, I should point out that I'm 36 (ish) hours into quitting smoking and kicking a 20-odd year habit is NOT FUCKING FUNNY so if occasionally I cuss, or type in CAPS or do anything out of character, well, just thank Fates that you're not Himself or Daughter who is having to live with me IRL, m'kay? And no, nicotine replacement doesn't help! What would help, right now, is something cute and furry to kick...) because playing a balance druid is fun. It really is. Himself, who used to have a lazer-chikken as his main (he may still do - I lose track of his characters) has been on hand to offer advice ("root it, DoT it, run, repeat") but is as blown by the Eclipse mechanic as I am - basically I hit Wrath until the moon-thingy procs, then I hit Star-blat until the sun-thingy procs then I repeat... It's working so far. But, crucially, I can heal so if I have to (or want to) go kitty or, heaven forfend, bear, I can just put a HoT on then go rawr! then repeat. TL;DR: Drood = good. Troll drood = exceptionally good. Ja come get da voodoo, darlin'...

Insanely, I also made a dorf rogue. I'm not quite sure why. It was something to do with getting a character that looked as like me as humanly (dorf-ly?) possible, a feat which I have managed exceptionally well. At the point where I had nailed it, Himself appeared behind me so I turned to him and said "Oh, honey, I really am a dorf aren't I?" His response? "Hair needs to be longer now." Clearly, this is NOT the correct response... (He was right, I had a weave before Christmas and now my hair is halfway down my back. But dorf in-game looks like me IRL pre-extensions.) But Pilf, why rogue? I hear you ask. The answer is I'm not sure. Other than I NEED NICOTINE AND I NEEDED IT YESTERDAY WHEN I MADE THE CHARACTER. I think Himself has a view that I'm somewhat rascally and therefore rogue was appropriate if I was making a 'me' character but I think that really it's his revenge or because he HATES ME BECAUSE ROGUE IS IMPOSSIBLE TO PLAY. Seriously, I have never spent so much time on a character dead. And I don't know why I die so much. In theory I get how rogues work, Sinister Strike until I have a few combo points then thingy. Finishing move, you know the one. And now I have Stealth and Assassinate to it's easy etc etc. No is bloody isn't! And Kharanos appears to have been made even more irritating post Sundering. As far as I can tell, all other areas have been improved bar this one! Why??? TL;DR: Rogue = what is this, I don't even...

Ok, I'm away to stuff my face further with more crisps and stuff. By the way, do you reckon the 'sharing bag' lettering on the Doritos is an order or merely a suggestion? Anyone else fancy joining me in some oral fixation...?

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  1. Good luck on quitting, remember, at the end of the line is a cleaner life....but yeah... the road can be hard.