Friday, 7 January 2011

Ok, who's playing Worgen then?

From the get-go I was determined NOT to have a Worgen. I've always found that whole concept somewhere between creepy and oh-dear-god-not-werewolves-please. I'll admit to having looked at them on the character creation screen and thought (briefly) "I wonder..." but then shaken myself and not done anything about it.

Having been so enthralled by the Forsaken story-line, I was more determined then ever to not go near filthy, dirty wolves; disgusting things who were overrunning Silverpine, sneaking about ('Liberation Front' my ass) and trying to bring down Sylvanas. Then Himself (who had played a Worgen in the Beta) pointed out that if I'd actually ever bother to play the Gilneas zone, I might find out who my sympathies really lay with. And I was a bit intrigued, I'll admit, but he refused to be drawn further (and quite rightly - despite gaming side by side we're quite good at containing out *squee* moments, so as not to spoil it too much for the other when they get to that point.) So I've remained resolutely Worgen-free.

As I've mooched around, on my Horde characters, I haven't come across many Worgen. And then yesterday, as I was shambling through Arathi, this... this thing skittered past me, and honestly, I got gooseflesh all over my arms - what the hell? But it had gone. Then when I went into Stromgarde something similar happened, only this time I managed to click on it as it flashed past and then I realised: it was a Worgen, and Himself told me that the skittering that makes me shudder is their equivalent of a mount. Torn between disgust (ewww, why would you want something that moved like that?) and awe (holy shit - to genuinely creep me out IRL is a fantastic achievement Blizzard!), and finding that I still have available slots on AD I had a closer look at the character creation screen this morning. Now, I'll admit that I've never been a fan of humans visually (in WoW only - most are fine IRL) - the men are steroid-y and horrid and the woman just look a bit vague somehow but they've either made them better or I've gotten more tolerant. So as I was fiddling around with faces and hair, in the interests of research, you'll understand, trying to work out if I could get a set of pixels that I could stand to look at (and switching back and forth between the human and Worgen model - it took me a while and a bit of head scratching, clicking on the 'ears' option with the human model active and thinking "umm, nothing's changing...") and then having got a human I could bear, I looked at the Worgen model and wow. I was quite impressed. So I appear to have created another warlock. Shuddup - in Wrath I was all about priesting - now I'm all about lock-dom, m'kay?

I don't know anything about the zone. I know very little about the lore (other than what the creation screen tells me) but I have an itch to go and find out all about it. But I don't want to hate the Forsaken, and that's my one big reservation. I'm planning a Dark Ranger character so I really want to stay as one of Sylvanas' cheerleaders (because she's just gorgeous isn't she? And now she has Val'kyr too *swoons*) but I have this feeling that having done the Worgen bit I might feel differently...


  1. I'm horde now all the way, but I did make a few worgen alts (spread on several servers) to try them out. I wanted a male one (since I don't like the female worgen form that much) but I can't stand how human males look. So I went for females in the end.

  2. I've vacillated really badly between Horde and Alliance throughout playing WoW. I've only ever raided as Alliance, a fact which confuddles me as I 'feel' quite Horde and all my however-vaguely-played characters at present (stoopid dorf rogue aside) are currently Horde as well. This annoys me as it means no boosties with bags and gold at start with... Anyways - itches to scratch, Worgens to investigate!

  3. Personally haven't touched Worgens yet (short of designing my Warlock.. shut-uup - yeah, I'm no better) and I can't stand Sylvanas any more, purely from Horde quests! I was pretty sad, always liked her, and now.. ugh.

  4. I've got a few Worgen alts and I have to say, the story-line in Gilneas is pretty wicked. Plus, you're a GIANT WOLF MAN/LADY. How can that not be awesome? Has given me stuff to blog about anyways, as it's an excuse to go see the new changes in the new zones :)

  5. @ Jae - heehee we've both abandoned our priests for 'locks?? That's a worry ! But I adore Sylvanas. She's so utterly, uncompromisingly out for herself (and maybe her people?)

    @ Jakk - you just wanna be able to really go rawrr - it's ok honey - we all understand and support you *huggles* :)

  6. @Jaedia

    How strange. I was never really a Sylvanas fan until those Cata, but the new storyline is arguably making her one of the most interesting characters in WOW. What turned you against her?