Friday, 28 January 2011

In which Pilf blithers

One of the downsides to both Himself and Myself having a lurgy is that we've no energy to do anything, other than sit around, play WoW for a bit, then collapse in a heap and talk.  Now, at first glance, that's not too bad is it?  But what do we talk about?  Mhm, you guessed it. As a result of this, there are numerous half formed post ideas floating round our place, little wispy things, floating in the corners of the rooms.  Oh no... wait.  Those are cobwebs.  Dammit.  Pilf fails at house-wife as well...

This post, therefore, is going to be a repository of various fragmented discussions, some of which I might turn into proper posts at some point in the future.  Equally, Himself might.  You never know.  Lastly, please feel free to yoink them if you think you can write more coherently about them (to be honest, it wouldn't take much effort at present - I would suggest giving 10 monkeys 10 typewriters and not being surprised when they write something a little more structured and understandable then this wall of text).

But... I don't like Tauren
This is heresy to Himself, who does like them, for all the reasons that I don't.  I think they're boring - he thinks they're peaceful (quote of the week from Himself (not said in a pointed manner in any way at all *coughs*): Everything doesn't have to be neurotic and have a dark past. (He's adding to this statement as I type with "you don't have to be troubled - it's ok to be calm and sensible." Like I said: boring!  Sorry if you love our bovine friends (and particular apologies at this point to Kamelia *hugs*) - I just can't make myself enjoy playing them.  In actuality, after some more discussion, the thing that I find really troubling about them is how slowly I think they move.  Now just pause for a moment here.  Movement in WoW is quite finely tuned - does the world seem to speed up when you play your gnome?  It does to me, in the same way that it s l o w s  d o w n  a  l o t when I play Tauren.  It's relative to height; I know that they're actually moving at the same speed, but Tauren lope seems to be slower than other classes when they run... Add to that, the fact that paladins are not the most exciting class at lower levels (like 13) and it's all a bit *yawn*...

Are we drawn to playing races we *identify* with?
Do I like belfs because I'm neurotic and add a bucketload of complexity to everything?  Does Himself like Tauren because they're calm and rational?  Do we play races (and classes) that match our perception of ourselves (leaving looks completely aside for a moment), and if so, why?  If I'm feeling feisty am I more likely to want to play my goblin?  When Himself has a bad day at work and wishes he had a personal blight supply, will he want to play his Forsaken? Do we have similar views of racial 'personality' or is it something much more intimate and personal?  I don't have the answers, by the way - I'm just chucking stuff out there for my beloved readers to contemplate and digest (and maybe help me with answering!)

Why don't I enjoy playing certain classes, but I do enjoy playing others?
Example the First:  My preferred (but sub-optimal) method of playing is having a casting class, but standing toe-to-toe with the bad guys and getting smacked in the face whilst I cast them to death.  Some classes this is ok with - I know it stems from my years of playing priest where basically you just bubble and pew - but arguably the most optimal class for this method is a shaman. You have a shield, you have decent armour, you can self heal and you blat the bad guys with phat bolts of lightening (rawrrr - I am Thor-like - fear mah ire!)  Job done?  Not really.  I've played a shaman before (I actually got one to 60) and I'm playing one again for Project 10, but I'm not enjoying it.  Logically, I know I should - it ticks all my boxes, as it were.  In fairness, I'm also a dorf and, as I've mentioned before, I actively dislike the dorf area.  I've also only just hit 10, so now I have  thunder as well as lightening.  Hopefully I'll start having funsies soon.  Example the Second: I'm amazed, beyond amazed, in fact, to find that I like my warrior.  I've never gotten on with melee but dammit, Victory Rush is fun.  So is Charge.  Again, only hit 10, but I'm having fun.  But... but how can I be having more fun with a melee class with no spells than a casting class?  The force is... juddering, nevermind tremor-ing...

Nelf females are less... centrefold-like than I remember.
My rogue is a nelf.  I go through phases with night elves.  Sometimes I like them, sometimes they irritte the bejesus out of me.  I had a 'moment' yesterday whist my little rogue was standing around as I did something, not sure what now, and she appeared to NOT bounce.  Yeah *that* bounce.  The infamous one.  And I dragged Himself over to the screen and made him look, LOOK dammit - where has the bounce gone?!  As we both sat there, staring, she still didn't bounce, and then a thought struck.  Maybe this was why subscription number are dropping.  Maybe Blizz have removed the nelf bounce and everyone has gone to play Tera instead:

But it's not just all about the boobies y'know.  It's about the legs as well...

Finally, she stopped shifting her weight from side to side (booooooooring!) and she bounced.  Reality re-asserted itself and we breathed a sigh of relief... or something.  In fairness though, she's very stabby-stabby and actually quite kickass.  Himself has persuaded me that I should go Subtlety and because even I can't disagree with the majesty that is shadowstep, I've agreed.  Watch this space...

Why I don't have time for more than one MMO.
I'm sort of in awe of people who manage to play multiple MMOs. Himself has got a beta key to a game which I'll leave unnamed, lest he wants to blog about it, and I'm hiding in the corner - "Nooooooo!  Don't let me see another shiny game - I don't have time...!" Seriously people, how do you manage to play multiple time-sink games?  I'm quite capable of playing WoW for... too many hours straight before unsticking myself from the screen and going to do something more important, like, y'know eat or sleep.  (I'm kidding, I'm not that bad. Well, not very often.)  But if I had multiple games, with even more multiple alts, something would have to give.  Maybe sleeping?  I don't know.  If you do play multiple games let me into the secret would ya?  I'll give you cookies...


  1. I have a similar argument with my... to be determined.. about gnomes. He thinks they're cute and adorable with they "cute widdle legs" while I think they're evil, horrible creatures that should be killed on sight (despite me being alliance these days).

    I don't think the class thing works out logically. At least I know it doesn't always for me. I love casters, and I love melee.. I find nothing particuarly engaging about shamans who are a hybrid of both. (My highest level shaman still sits at 69 since I got too bored once I hit Northrend hehe)

    I can only assume it's about some sort of.. I don't know.. connection between you and the class you play? I, almost sadly, do enjoy almost every single class in the game to some extent - which can be frustrating when you try to pick a main or main alt :P

    The only classes I don't feel "whee" about, even if I may have previously are shaman, rogue and druid. Anything else I'll quite happily play - but I couldn't tell you what I don't like about the previous three, and I DO play them (rogue was even my main in Vanilla! but just don't enjoy it at all as much now).

    And the female nelf bounce is still there.. I think.. gonna have to check now.. but I could have sworn my priest still bounces!

    Like you, I stay away from other MMOs because I really really don't know when I'd find the time. I find it difficult sometimes to even have time for a single player game on the side. Between raiding, playing, alts and work and other "life" commitments.. there's just not much time to spare.

    And wow that's a enough rambling from me today !

  2. I'm loving 'to be determined' as a name for one's... something. Himself suggested 'Not -yet Significant Other'!! However, I've just made my gnome priest and yeah... she is kinda cute with her widdle legs :)

    And the bounce is there. Just maybe less... regularly than it was? I'm sure that I've bounced more in the past then I do now. Maybe I'm just getting old *giggles*

    And there's nevah enough rambling Saga - rambling is what makes the world go round!

  3. I never got the bounce hate. I think my nelf is adorable with her bounciness. She's cute and she can rip your face off in a second if you piss her off. (Well, she's a healer, so what she'll actually do is magically stop seeing you on Grid.) And this ties in nicely with the identity bit... I tend to play races I identify with *visually*... so I have a lot of night elves and draenei. (My human will be alone until they fix the model, though.) With a few exceptions which I might try (but not have at high level), the other races are just... no. I absolutely could not see myself playing an orc or troll. Ever. I might be vain, but I like seeing something pretty (in my eyes) when I'm playing.

    And I'd say don't worry about other MMOs. I tried a couple (notably Aion) and got bored ASAP because they weren't WoW. I'm too used to WoW's UI and gameplay (not to mention my guild) to enjoy something else as much.

  4. Aww, Pilf. **huggles** Not everyone has to love the Tauren -- and it doesn't sound like you really *hate* them. They're just not your style.

    You're right about Tauren feeling like they move slower, though. Playing Tauren all the time, I kind of forget just how *big* they are. It's always a bit of a surprise when I log on with an alt of another race how small they are compared to my Tauren. If I zoom out so I can see as much of the world around me as I am used to seeing with my Tauren, my toon looks so tiny in the middle of the screen! If I zoom in so that my character is the size in the middle of the screen I like best, I feel like my peripheral vision is cut off. Because Tauren are bigger than the other races, they have a longer stride and can take fewer steps to cover the same amount of distance in the same time as another race would. My Blood Elves and other characters race along at a brisk run, while my Tauren just lope along at an easy jog. Kodos and Elekks feel slower than other mounts do because they are so much larger, too.

    I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed my Warrior, too!
    Perhaps how much a player likes a particular class has less to do with melee versus ranged than with how the various abilities of the class interact and synergize with each other and how that is related to his or her own abilities/reflexes/ways of thinking. Does it make intuitive sense to you (the generic player) how the abilities of a given class fit together, or not? If it does, you probably enjoy playing that class, but if it doesn't, you probably don't.

    I don't even have enough time for everything I want to do in WoW, let alone any other MMO!
    Perhaps it's a difference between wanting a depth of MMO experience -- exploring all the different aspects of one particular game, such as WoW versus wanting a breadth of MMO experience -- exploring all the different aspects of the MMO genre as a whole by dabbling in a variety of MMO games.