Monday, 24 January 2011

I love it when an (RP) Plan comes together.

I'm often jealous of how easy Himself finds it to come up with character concepts - he just seems to have a myriad of ideas drifting round his head whereas I've barely ever been able to come up with a concept from scratch (i.e. before I make the 'toon, not as I play them.) The closest I came to was considering making my warlock a 'Soul Trader' but I suspect that's slightly naff and been done before... See, my head is full of important stuff, like, ummm, birthdays of relatives and what day of the week it is, not semi-formed fantasy things. Ahem. He's just bought me chocolate (and Pringles, because I am a poorly girl of poorliness *sad face*) so I'd better be nice.

But then I discovered that it's possible to have a seagull as a hunter pet - which is kinda cool. This led me to Petopia , and as everyone knows, as soon as you start browsing Petopia, five pet slots just aren't enough. However, I narrowed it down to wanting a character that had birds, lots of birds, which led onto a a falconer character (would be quite novel you gotta admit) but this led onto parrots as pets, and then, inevitably to a pirate character. And of course, once that's hit as a plan everything else kind of fades away.

So I have another hunter. She's a goblin and she's gorgeous. And made of feist. Himself was kind enough (oh dammit, he has been nice today - I apologise for mocking him earlier) to run me through Deadmines (that place has changed a LOT!) to help me get not one but two parrots - a Monstrous Parrot and Ol' Beaky. And happily, the colouring of Ol' Beaky matches that of the Cockatiel sold in Booty Bay - huzzah - I now have a Mommy parrot and a baby parrot! And he was also kind enough to make me a Swashbuckler's Shirt as well so now I look like this:

Happily, Blizzard seemed to have heard my often-voiced pleas for a pretty belf to call my own, so for a period of time they gave me Johnny Awesome, who decided that he'd come with me, rather than staying in the Sludge Fields; for an only too brief moment of time I had three pets.  And I was squeeing with glee.  He even came with me to the Ruins of Southshore.

Unfortunately I needed to go back to Undercity and much as I was looking forward to strong, muscular arms clasped around my waist whilst we rode the... bat, he vanished.  Now I'm a sad, sad panda.

Oh dear, I've been distracted by belfs.  I didn't quite mean for this post to degenerate into... belf fetishising.  My apologies.  I'd better go and retrieve my goblin and go back to fixating on parrots. 

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  1. "Strong, muscular arms" ... Belf ... does not compute...

    Are you sure you didn't mean "Soft, scented, delicate arms..." ?