Friday, 7 January 2011

Hungry like the wolf!

(Seriously - I might have to continue with Worgen just to see how many dodgy song lyrics involving wolves I can make into post titles (I have a list, by the way) and I'm showing my age, again!)

So my first impressions are somewhat 'meh'. I liked my human voice - I sounded rather like a lady of a certain age (which I'm clearly NOT) who'd been to Rodean (which I clearly HAVEN'T - I was educated by the State, rather than by Mummy and Daddy's wealth) but it was much better than the normal human voice! I was rather hoping I could keep it... And here's when another one of my assumptions went (I think) out of the window. I'd somehow gotten it into my head that I could flick between 'forms' much like druids do - if I wanted to be human, so be it, if I wanted to rawr! then I could be Worgen. Sadly, this appears to not be the case (so bang goes my 'Pilf is posh' fantasy!) So the actual change thingy was a bit sad - but not unexpected (when a bite starts growing hair, you know to be worried, surely?) and Lord Geoffrey (or is it Lord Godfrey??) was a bit... freaky, but nothing that knocked me backwards and the rest has been yeah... meh. But with comedic moments.

Why am I rescuing Children of the Corn?

The Gilnean accent makes me want to gum up my ears with glue, really, come back Dick van Dyke - all is forgiven. For realz. But at least they know when to use the word kitty, rather than pussy. (Sorry, smutty Pilf is smutty. Ask Himself.)

Yeah - leave Grandma's kitty alone, y'all hear?

And occasional Rawhide moments, which made me happy. I might be too young to remember Bonanza (seriously - what was that programme all about?) but even I know the Rawhide theme tune!

Hit 'em up, roll 'em up...

I'm about to hit 10 (woo-hoo!) which means that I'll get my felguard (huzzah!) and continue with, whatever the storyline is. I haven't quite grasped it yet, I have to say. I get the Forsaken = bad thing (and I had to kill a Dark Ranger!) but I haven't got much beyond that. Other than I find this new thing whereby you get hemmed into the new starter zones and can't escape until the phasing lets you (and see Sven's post here for a way to use this to your advantage) quite claustrophobic somehow. Lemme out!! *hammers fists on invisible walls*


  1. I just finished the Gilnean starting area on my female worgen warlock, but I can't say I love it. The area and quests... great, but the worgen female... urgh. She annoys me when she runs or well does anything.

  2. Yeah I don't like the run animation certainly. I'm trying to reserve judgement on the rest until I've given it something vaguely resembling a fair go though.