Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Enter Lady RNG and Project 10

I'm reading a LOT of burnout posts and posts about people quitting - fundamentally I agree with Sven's PoV (and it pains me to say so, with the amount of belf-mocking comments he leaves me on this blog...)  But I've been there, in both the 'quit' and 'burnout' head spaces and it's not pleasant - and I don't want to go there again.  So - I present you with Pilf's guide to how (she's going) to not get bored with WoW:

  1. Decide that you should really start Project 10. That is, level one of each class to level cap.  I'm not, despite Himself's faux-helpful suggestion, going to level one of each class and each spec to level cap.  I'm not that much of a sucker...
  2. Decide on race/class combos.  To minimise boredom I'm going to play (stinky) Alliance as well, but as there's only 10 classes, that means leaving out skittery werewolvesWorgen and spacegoats Draenei. 
  3. Make Gant Chart table to track said alts and then sort out names.  Cuss maintenance for being just at the time that you need to be able to log onto servers and check names. 
  4. Pick Himself's brains about specs.  Add 'spec column' to table.  Ditto blogs to read.  
  5. Yay - maintenance is finished!  Make characters!!  Many characters! 
  6. Decide that it is permissible to use your druid (level 30) and your hunter (level 32) as you love them and you didn't start them until after Cata hit so it *does* count.
  7. Log onto first character and squee!
  8. Realise first character is a human warrior - I thought I'd combine the race I dislike most with the class I expected to hate the most but then I was, I have to admit, pleasantly surprised.  Warriors got a bit easier since I last tried to play them (possibly in vanilla...) She's hysterical, somehow I managed to make her look... grumpy... and the way she moves - even the way she mines, is just like "Oh my God, it's all sooooooo depressing." I think she's a Twilight Cultist who's pissed off that the world didn't end...
  9. Get them all to level 10.  Once they are all there, whenever I want to switch 'toon I'll /roll 1 - 10 and see what number crops up (yes there is a 'number' column in the table...) 

Ok, it might be bonkers, I might get bored really quickly, but them again I might not.  And it's making me play classes that I'd previously written off as 'not for me'.  And you know what?  It's fun as well... 


  1. That's an interesting project. I was about to do the same in Wrath, but just finishing the classes I had yet to get to 80.

    I don't think I could do it this time around though, 80-85 is so much xp and I don't feel like I have the time to spare. (If I do end up with spare time though, who knows!)

    I'd love to read more how about how your Project 10 works out :)

  2. Oh wow! I've thought about doing this before, but I always get hung up on some odd quirk and end up deleting toons. You know how it is. You think ahead of time that making a Troll Rogue is a great idea, but then you actually play it, and you kind of start thinking how she can stealth with those giant feet. Then you start playing with emotes and find she has the most horrid accent... ughhh... And so you discover the hard way that Troll is not for Rogue, and you have to reorganize your 10 all over again.

    Or maybe I'm just crazy.

  3. Charting out a matrix of class/race combinations to get one character of each class is something I did, once upon a time, way back when I was first playing WoW. My matrix went out the window when I discovered that the Tauren were my favorite race and the Blood Elves were my second favorite, and hey look, you can do all the classes in the game with only one overlap (Hunter, at the time, which was pre-LK) with JUST Tauren and Blood Elves! Of my current roster of alts, it's still the Tauren and the Blood Elves who are flagged to be taken to max level.

    Your Project 10 also reminds me of my own "Project 20" that kept me busy for pretty much all of last year -- playing a character of every Race through all the quests of their primary and secondary zones, or to level 20, whichever came later. Now the Cataclysm has gone and upset everything, and now I need to play through all those zones *again*. :P

    I like your idea of getting them all up to ten and then using a dice roll to decide which toon to play next when you decide that the one you're currently playing needs a rest. Maybe I should use a dice roll to help determine which of my two dozen alts should get playtime next. One die to choose which server, and another to choose which toon on that server....

    Please keep us posted on how Project 10 plays out!

  4. @ Saga - I've yet to get a character to 85... this is actually avoidance! That said, I think I need to space them out so I don;t just run each levelling bracket over and over an over and...

    @ Ama. You made me laugh :) Thank you! You see, I think Human is not for Anything and Rogue is not for anything either... But no to reorganisation - once I started doing that I'd spend hours tinkering...

    @ Kam - Project 20 sounds like more fun that what I've planned! And the dice roll thing is purely to stop me cheating and playing the ones that I like more :)

    @ All - thank you for your encouraging words - they're much appreciated :) and you'll be hearing plenty about it - usual Bat Time, usual Bat Channel!