Thursday, 13 January 2011


This is going to be one of those posts where I basically shake my head over a sieve and see what falls out. You’ve been warned, ok?

I have too many alts. This is becoming apparent, but at the same time, I’m SO enjoying my gaming again. My druid got boomkin form last night – huzzah! And is now going onto some well earned rested. She’s also the first of my characters that’s done the quest line in Silverpine that starts with Welcome to the Machine. Best quest line evar! No contest thus far. You get to be a quest giver, which is all shades of awesome in itself, and then you have the wonderful NPCs who are just fabulous. And, yes, as Himself warned me, belfs are resoundingly mocked *sniffle*. I’ve given up on my Forsaken hunter in favour of a Dark Ranger style character, who, once she hits level 10, will be off to the Forsaken start zone pronto to get a spider as her pet, and start gaining rep with Sylvanas’ crew. Because, seriously, you can’t have a Dark Ranger riding a turkey can you…? My goblin warlock is now 30-something and has dual spec (dual spec! At 30! That costs pennies!) so she now has her felguard of pwnage to… assist her. It makes a change from her ‘personal assistant’ succubus… Irritatingly, and without heirloom gear, I’m still finding that I’m outlevelling my gathering professions. I’m being good and gathering as I go, but I’m still having to stop every so often and go flowerpicking or mining to get my skill high enough for the next zone, which is irksome. I can’t remember if this has always been a problem or if it’s relatively new. It’s doubly odd because, partially, I suspect, due to phasing, there seem to be more nodes around. Oh well, one of life’s little mysteries I guess.

I’m also frantically server-hopping, trying to keep up with everyone I know. Because I was so violently anti RealID from Day One, I haven’t bothered keeping up to date with any changes that might have happened, so if what follows is incorrect/outdated, please let me know! I currently have characters in SAN on AD, characters on Moonglade because a RL friend plays there, yet another one on…. ummm, another RP server whose name I forget because another RL friend plays there, and two on Khadgar which is my old home server because I miss my old guildies and friends, one of which is guilded and one of which is a ‘secret squirrel’ character that only a few people know about. Oh, woe is me for having too many people to keep up with, right? Yeah, I know that I’m ungrateful. There are also people who play mainly on other realms (hullo Jae, hullo Jakk, hullo Kao, hullo Seph, hullo Issy et al) who I’d like to catch up with again… and the list goes on. As a result of this I have far too many characters now, and I’m having Groundhog Day moments, as I seem to do one area over and over again, then another area over and over again ad infinitum, ad nauseam. Christ, I’ve gotten so desperate for variety that I’ve even rolled some mages! Yeah – that’s how bad it’s gotten…! (I’m actually enjoying them at present but shhhhh…)

Cross-realm chat is an awesome idea. It always was. I can understand why the diehard RP’ers and/or the diehard PvP’ers didn’t like the thought of cross faction stuff, but fundamentally I would really like the option of being able to play whichever character I’m in the mood for, whilst being able to catch up with people I know. So I’d really like to get RealID. Of course, my grand plan is dependent on other people having it as well…! But more than that, it’s dependent on it having an OFF switch. One of the reasons that I’ve historically run a multitude of alts (even in the days of only playing on one server) is that I really need my downtime away from people. I’m happy to be chatty and shoot the breeze when I’m in the mood to, but for a percentage of the time, I don’t want to have to be ‘on’ and be ‘Pilf’ and be the life and soul of the party. But, for example, when I’m trying to understand the mystery that is archaeology, I’d be happy to witter away, whilst I trawl Azeroth trying to find which bloody zones the digsites are spawning in. Even though I know the answer to that question: whichever zones are FARTHEST AWAY FROM ME. It had REALLY better be worth it, though I have a sneaking suspicion that, you know, it won’t be… But when I’m trying to level a character I’d quite like to be hidden away, thank you, because I can’t seem to type and stay alive very effectively. And even if I manage not to die every few minutes, typing away really does slow down my questing a great deal. And much as I’m enjoying the new starter zones and stuff, I’d quite like to get a character to 40. Maybe even to Outland...!

Of course, the advantage of running huge quantities of alts is that I don’t get insanely attached to one of them in particular. (Certainly not. Especially not my druid. Oh noes.) Which in turn means that I don’t get my head into end game space. My old guild has bonkers levels of guild perks and is raiding already but whenever I’m on there I find myself going *lalalalalala* and ignoring the offers of boosting with levelling and gearing up so I can raid with them again. It’s very sweet that a year of absence on, they’re still willing to yank me up gain (especially as they’ve gotten even more srsbznz in that year) but I don’t want to. Not just to be boosted, but the fact that it’d mean someone got benched because an old-schooler decided to re-appear and raid (and how much would that piss you off? It’d piss me off a lot!) and also because it’s the thin end of the wedge into raiding madness.

Last point - why, on my PvE server, do so many of the Worgen have massively offensive names? Surely, like the Forsaken, Worgen would have basically 'human' names? I'm sure there isn't quite such a reliance on having 'rape' as a prefix or 'killerz' as a suffix in other races... or IRL, for that matter.


  1. "One of the reasons that I’ve historically run a multitude of alts (even in the days of only playing on one server) is that I really need my downtime away from people."

    And that's why I wasn't interested in RealID.. it needs a *hide* button :) *busy* doesn't cut it.

    Heh, as for worgan names, well, the ones I've seen are more along the lines of Terryworgan, or the Worginator *sigh*

  2. At least Terryworgen is somewhat funny. I suspect that the demographic Worgen are targeting ("Hey cool! Werewolf's! It's like twiglet! Lolololol110001") are perhaps not the most sophisticated part of WOW's player base on average, hence the Rapewolfkillerz type names. They're just a bit dim.

    I approve of Worgen. They've helped drain some of the swamp of stupid that the Horde have been wading through since BC. Anybody noticed how few Blood Elves you see these days?

  3. @ Issy - oh is that what it has? Yeah, that isn't strong enough for me either...

    @ Sven - Sweetie, I urge you to go and re-read the rules of this blog where we DO NOT MOCK TEH BELFS EVAR! I might amend this to no mocking of Twilight either ;)