Wednesday, 22 December 2010

New content at last!

If only I was one of them creative types - I'd be giving you an awesome post with witty, relevant lyrics to this, but no matter how I cudgel my brain I can't come up with any. Instead I'm going to write about how much I love and adore Vashj'ir, and how I want to live there, forever and always. Himself has already been informed that if he loves me he'll give it to me for Christmas Winter Veil. I suspect that in return, he'll want Deepholm (as I write this I hear occasional breathy "ohhh gorgeous" comments coming from behind me - it would be fair to assume that these are aimed at me, but no; it's more Deepholm scenery he's marvelling at.)

As you might have gathered, I've dragged myself (finally) away from my goblin, to one of my much neglected 80s. The lucky gal is Shadrynne, on the basis that she's the one I've done the most with, so she really has dibs on new content stuff. I'd not read much about the new zones, but I knew that Vashj'ir was underwater and wanted to see how that worked so I toddled off there. Aside from the fact that I'd, ahem, not gotten round to training Mastery, and hadn't played priesty since before 4.0 hit (but it's ok because shadow is basically the same... I think - either that or I'm screwing up my rotation badly!) and my second talent tree is still open - I'm trying to decide between holy or disc (or neither!) I think I'm doing ok.

So Vashj'ir. Can you just insert the fawning comments here and wipe the drool off the keyboard? Many thanks. I have never, ever played through a zone that I love as much as this one. I'm not all that bothered if it makes me shallow as a paddling pool. (Hi - I'm Pilf... we've met, right?) I like zones that are visually appealing. And Vashj'ir is - what's the word I'm looking for here? Stunning. Yeah, that'd be it. Everything about it is gorgeous. I loved the questlines - the Battlemaiden one in particular is just awesome - go and do it now! I could not BELIEVE it when about 5 quests in they handed me a seahorse mount. Seriously. Having been swimming around on the borrowed one, and thinking wistfully how nice it would be to have one, chance would be a fine thing, *sulk*, etc - then to be handed one...! Himself, who knew it was coming, and who HADN'T told me, came in chuckling as I was mid gleeful, delighted squee of joy, and said he'd wanted to tell me, but wanted to hear me find out for myself more. And because I have shadow form, I have shadow seahorse, which is pleasingly evil. (What I should have, of course, is sparkle form. Not a sparkle pony, sparkleform, it's more me than shadowform really... then I could have a sparkly seahorse...) The only problem is that I don't want to leave here. Maybe I can hit 85 here, if I kill a LOT of mobs...?

And in case I don't get round to posting again before the 25th, I'd like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas, a cool Yule, Happy Holidays - whatever you want to call it, just have a good time with the ones that you're close to. And take the time to raise a glass to those who aren't there.

Love, kisses and all the best for a wonderful 2011


  1. I have a Shadow guide up if you get stuck! Plus you can always ask me too, ofc :)

    Merry Christmas ^^

  2. Having *just* received Cataclysm for Yule/Winter's Veil/wev, I'm rather looking forward to this zone now, even more than before ;)

    *xmas xxx's*

  3. Have a Marry Christmas Dear :-)

    and btw the turtle mount is super fast in Vashj'ir too :D especially on the ground, there it equals the seahorse!